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Civil engineering degree

Civil engineering is one of the three classic engineering sciences and is one of the oldest professional fields. As was the case thousands of years ago, the knowledge and skills of specialists are required so that buildings are properly planned, technically implemented and maintained. Natural sciences and technology are intertwined in civil engineering studies. Do you feel addressed by this mix? Then find out more about the course here.

What do civil engineers do?

In a nutshell, one can say: A civil engineer is an engineer who deals with all kinds of structures. The focus is on planning, technology, statics and functionality. The areas of responsibility are widely spread: Whether in the planning of high-rise buildings, the conception of water supply systems or the construction of wind turbines - civil engineers are employed in a variety of ways and shape our environment. You are at the forefront when it comes to solving the global problems of our time, for example at

  • climate protection and the minimization of CO2 emissions, among other things. through the energetic renovation of residential and office buildings as well as in plant construction
  • the extraction, treatment and distribution of drinking water
  • the discharge and purification of wastewater and the protection of rivers and seas
  • the safe handling of waste, contaminated sites and their recycling or disposal
  • the safe and low-CO2 energy generation and distribution, in particular of alternative energy from offshore wind farms, geothermal energy, solar or biomass power plants
  • the protection against the forces of nature through dykes and dams or near-natural water development
  • shaping the consequences of demographic change in our society, e.g. in urban redevelopment and demolition.

If you are interested in these environmentally-related topics, then it is also worth taking a comparative look at the study of environmental engineering, which we also present in our study guide.

University tip


In the "Civil Engineering" bachelor's degree at the IU Dual Studies, you will receive not only the basics of civil engineering, but also specialist knowledge in the areas of architecture, property management and industrial engineering. More information can be found here.