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Delhi: Jamia student banned from proficiency test because of hijab

Umaiyah Khan, an MBA student, says she was asked to take off her hijab when she reached the UGC-NET exam center in Delhi's Rohini. UGC NET is a proficiency test for university professors.

Khan told ANI news agency: “I went to Rohini for the NET exam last week. I reached the exam center but was not allowed to take the exam and the reason was the hijab. The supervisors did not allow me to (take the) exam. I even asked the senior officials, but I wasn't allowed to (attend). "

She added, “I've shown my identity. However, they ordered that I remove my hijab and then take the exam. I cannot do this because this is my religion. I cannot remove it (the hijab). I asked them to allow me (to participate). " They didn't let me. "

Dr. Amirul Hasan Ansari, honorary director and professor of Jamia Millia Islamia, said he had written to UGC on the matter.

An official from the National Testing Agency who conducts the test said, "There are official guidelines, but religious sentiments should not be violated."

Another woman in Goa has also been banned from her hijab for the NET exam week.

Safina Khan Soudagar, 24, was prevented from taking the exam because she was wearing a hijab on December 18, 2018. While she was standing in line in Panaji, the authorities present asked her to remove her hijab.