The aircraft RCAF CP 140 is used

Canadair CL-66

The CL-66 was the turboprop variant of the civilian Convair CV-440 passenger aircraft and was called CC-109 Cosmopolitan to the standard VIP aircraft of the Royal Canadian Air Force and also used for light transport tasks.

History and construction


48/64 seated passenger aircraft
combined cargo / passenger aircraft
Convair CV-440 retrofitted with the Napier Eland turboprop engine

Military users

Technical specifications

Parameter Data[2]
length24.84 m
span32.12 m
height8.49 m
Wing area89.54 m²
Empty mass14,666 kg
max24,130 kg
Cruising speed518 km / h
Top speed547 km / h
Service ceiling7620 m
Range3660 km
Engines2 × Napier Eland turboprop engines with 2611 kW each

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