Can a Muslim become a US diplomat

Visa rules for US entry freeze for Muslims

Visa applicants from the six Muslim countries affected by Trump's entry bans must have close relatives in the US or have official ties to a US employer or organization. The US State Department has issued a guide that has been sent to all diplomatic agencies and consulates.

Close relatives and proper contracts

Accordingly, parents, spouses, children, sons and daughters-in-law as well as siblings and step-siblings are considered to be close relatives. This does not include grandparents, grandchildren, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, cousins, brother-in-law and sister-in-law, as well as fiancées and more distant relatives.

The paper also states that any connection with a US employer "must be official, clearly documented and established through due process". Any intention to circumvent the entry decree should be excluded.

Provisional permission

On Monday, the Supreme Court provisionally put US President Donald Trump's entry ban against six Muslim states into force with restrictions. Several courts had previously stopped the ban. However, the Supreme Court wants to make a fundamental decision on the entry ban in its next session starting in October.

The decree provides for a 90-day entry ban for citizens of the majority Muslim countries Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Syria as well as a 120-day admission freeze for refugees from all over the world. Trump described the measure as necessary for counter-terrorism.

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