How is the friendship trend changing?

5 MEGA-TREND-CLUSTER à la marxerevolution

Patrick Chevin reports from the CAS Multichannel Management class with Marion Marxer:

Still overwhelmed by the information content of the Insight module on the subject of megatrends, "Mood & Mind" (there were only 215 slides), I try to reproduce an abstract that does justice to the big topic. In advance, of course, you think about which trends you will be confronted with - which theories from which trend guru. Contrary to the assumption that Marion would teach high-level about megatrends such as digitization, urbanization, health, globalization, she approached the topic in a completely different way.

From the 16 megatrends from has Marion "5 trend clusters à la Marxerevolution" which she explained in more detail during the class.

But before we get into the details, that Marketing essence for Fast-Reader in advance: The exact knowledge and operation of his Circles, i.e. target groups, will continue in the future remain the central element in marketing, that determines everything else - especially about success or failure. But it will no longer be that easy with circles in the future, because if digitization changes something, it will definitely be consumer behavior. In the future, target groups can no longer be classified stereotypically; purchase decisions will more likely be made according to “Mood & Mind”, depending on the situation, depending on the product or service. With this in mind, let's dive into the YOUNIVERSE of the "5 Trend Cluster" or into the P.O.L.Y anything, anywhere:

Mega trend cluster

The egocentric trend: take center stage, determine yourself, increase your reputation in the community, simply be at the center of the crowd. The world of brands has to fulfill wishes and listen, tailor offers. This trend is based on three subtypes:

  • STATUS SEEKER: The central need to improve reputation and importance in the social environment. E.g. with brands, securing recognition in the community or profiling via content in the environment.
  • CROWD FACTOR: Use the crowd as an audience and orientation aid, know what the others are doing and thus make the best possible deals and feel smart.
  • EGONOMICS: Become a smarter entrepreneur, offer products or services in return, as part of the system you are on the winning side, i.e. brands become friends and I become an entrepreneur.

It would be too easy if that had been it ... but the ego trend is based on three other characteristics: True Self, Status tests, New laboratory (see script).

The “do-gooder” trend: honest, transparent brands, i.e. sustainable values ​​and behavior, are at the center of the company and the products, respectively the awareness of making a difference with personal behavior. There are also three subtypes here:

  • BETTER BUSINESS: World improvers trend through ecologically and socially acceptable behavior, i.e. improve the world via donations of the sales price without getting on the Greenpeace boat.
  • LOCAL LOVE: I consume local / regional products / services for microeconomic and ecological reasons, because my direct environment and the local industry are close to my heart.
  • BRANDSHIP: The brand friendship trend: The main thing is that I get support, knowledge and objective advice, whether from a real friend or a brand that understands me and helps me.

This trend also has further characteristics: Insider Trading, Open Arms, Two Way.

Intangible status symbols are popular today: health, wisdom, knowledge, ability. Everything that makes us more appealing, sought-after, coveted and attractive in our social environment wins. And who should fix it: The brands. They should help people in the future to pimp their physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

  • HELPFUL: Brands as a “modern, offered hand”. They make life easier, faster, more convenient, more effortless, more fluid, are simply very popular in a constantly overwhelmed society and donate time, the real scarce commodity of our era.
  • EGO STALKING: The egocentric “big brother big data trend” or “madness”. Tracking, monitoring, comparing, analyzing one's own behavior: health, body functions, receptiveness, etc. We measure everything with digital devices, up to total external determination.
  • JOINING: The endless desire to belong. The more intelligent, more sensible, the more fulfilling.

Further betterment trend characteristics: Context omni-presence, SIP economy, virtual actualization

The social, situational and geographical context is more important than ever today, when we solve everything “just in time”. I want to get the maximum out of every situation: pleasure, choice, profit, recognition, attention ... .. Brands must therefore know the mind, mood & behavior of people better than ever and provide them with relevant, situation-related, “just in time” added value with creative ideas to offer.

  • NOWISM: The SNAPCHAT trend. Only the NOW counts. Life for the moment. The second generation ... where is this going? Or the end of WhatsApp?
  • UBITECH: The ubiquity of technology and the mixing of real and virtual worlds, of physical objects and projections is only just beginning. Augmented Reality, the next technical revolution that will change the world forever.
  • PLAYFUL ROUTINE: You brands out there surprise and entertain me. Takes me away from the gray everyday and makes me attractive offers that make my life more amusing, more varied and more comfortable. Offers me new experiences and stories that I can pass on and thus increase my attractiveness in a social context.

Further contexted trends: Beneficial Intelligence, Informal Info, Live Stream Prisoners

Digitization is currently turning the economy upside down. Companies have to critically question their business models, their marketing and their communication. What worked yesterday may be ineffective tomorrow. So be on your guard, constantly "remapping" yourself so as not to suddenly be caught in the next wave of disruption ...

  • MADE FOR BRIC: Nobody can escape the rapid development of the emerging markets. That is why more and more global brands are developing specific offers and product lines to meet the needs of these rapidly growing sales markets.
  • THE NEW NORMAL: Patchwork families, same-sex couples with or without children want to be recognized and respected, just to show two examples of the New Normals. Different, different lifestyles create new target groups with sometimes very different needs. Taking these into account can be very lucrative.
  • RETHINK MEDIA: The media universe is in a deep, fundamental upheaval. The boundaries between distribution and communication or between product and marketing are becoming blurred. Content comes in a different form. The people themselves become the medium. Habits are quickly replaced. So stay agile and adapt quickly.

Other remapping trends: Perspective shift, Party of one, Organized Mass

Mega trend cluster

So that was the 5 trend clusters "à la marxerevolution" with their 30 characteristics, which were attractively presented with countless practical examples. A lot of “food for thought” that Marion served us here. And we're only halfway through the presentation.

So it's time to draw a first conclusion. What are the implications of these trends? We have to give our target groups real in the future added value offer, nicely packaged in stories, because clumsy advertising no longer works. Goods Content in every form is the new gold with which companies can position themselves. In doing so, they also give their circles the power to distinguish themselves in their social environment. Of course it should YOUNIVERSAL be, from the hand of one HUMAN FIRE the one BETTERMENT offers to yourself CONTEXTED "Just in time" in its community for the next trend REMAPPEN.... because, as we have learned, the world only revolves around myself. And there the circle closes to the P.O.L.Y. anything, anywhere again ...

The other 80 slides were “then classic, analog flip books.

The final question remains: How do I implement any knowledge I have gained? It certainly helps here if you work with visualization techniques in order to gain a better understanding of the connections between trends and your own range of services. By mapping the trends in this way on a classic matrix, you can make more visible what benefits they can bring me. Some examples can also be found in the documents. Marion also put an excellent briefing form in the script for us, with which you can peel out the marketing essence in a very structured manner and on just one page. As we all know, this is the cornerstone of a successful marketing strategy or campaign.

Value Proposition Matrix

With this in mind, we are looking forward to the upcoming case studies, where we can draw on the full potential of being updated with the latest trends.

PS: While visiting, I was shocked to discover that they were already proclaiming 5 new trends for 2017: VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE ECONOMY, WORLDS APART, INCOGNITO INDIVIDUALS, CAPACITY CAPTURE, BIG BROTHER BRANDS. Check it out and leave it 😉