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Industry information

The mix of traditional industrial companies, a strong medium-sized company and young start-up companies ensures dynamic growth in the German capital.
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Health economy

With 332 medical technology and 255 biotechnology companies, 34 pharmaceutical companies and over 130 clinics, Berlin is one of the most important life science locations in Germany. more

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ICT, media, creative industries

Berlin is one of the leading ICT locations in Germany. In addition, the capital is a cultural and economic metropolis that is unique in Germany and has great creative potential. more

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Transport, mobility and logistics

The central location of Berlin in the heart of Europe offers companies with modern transport technologies ideal conditions. Transport systems technology is therefore a key industry for Berlin with potential for growth and employment. more

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Energy Technology

Numerous companies and research institutions in Berlin and Brandenburg work together on solutions for energy technology issues. Research institutions, universities and colleges conduct first-class research and teaching in all areas of energy technology. more

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Optics and microsystem technology are important cross-sectional technologies that are the driving force behind numerous innovations. In Berlin-Brandenburg there are more than 400 companies whose core business includes optical technologies or microsystems technology. more

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industrial production

Berlin is a modern industrial location and offers attractive framework conditions for new settlements with a mixture of future technologies and traditional industries. more

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Service economy

The service industry is the sector with the highest growth rates in Berlin. Berlin offers service companies the advantage of a large local market with over 3.7 million consumers. more

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Berlin Business Location Center (BLC)

In the Berlin business portal, companies interested in relocating can find not only additional industry information, but also the right contact person at the Berlin business development agency Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH. more