How good are Durabrand vacuum cleaners

Durabrand vacuum cleaner bags, dust bags and dust filters

Filter types

There are 3 types of filters for vacuum cleaners. The Vacuum cleaner bags, or filter bags, made of up to 5 layers and some with special filter fleece, in which the suction material is collected. The Motor filterthat prevents dust from entering the engine compartment and thus protects the engine. The Exhaust air filter, also often called Hepa filter, which cleans the exhaust air up to almost 100%.

Bag size

All air that the vacuum cleaner draws in also has to go through the dust bag. There it releases the sucked in dust and then goes outside via the exhaust opening. The larger the surface of the dust bag, the more air can flow through it. This is comparable to our breathing organ, the lungs. There, too, the surface (diffusion surface) is enlarged in order to improve the gas exchange. This is ensured by the "construction" of the alveoli. If you take the surface of all the alveoli together, the surface of the lungs is the size of a football field. In the case of vacuum cleaners, however, the surface area is tied to the size of the vacuum cleaner. The small dust particles clog the filter wall over time. The larger this is, the longer it takes to seal the surface and the longer it takes for the vacuum cleaner to stop properly "pulling". It is therefore important that you check the filling volume of the bag before every major suction cycle. Regardless of the filling quantity, the bag should be replaced after 2 months at the latest. Organic material, e.g. For example bread crumbs or plant residues, slowly decompose in the vacuum cleaner bag and can form harmful gases in the process. Especially if the contents are not completely dry, the vacuum cleaner bag should not be left in the device for long.