Is the Abitur itself important

Why do you still need a high school diploma today?

A good question that you have probably already asked yourself if you want to catch up on your Abitur. Basically everyone will answer this question differently for themselves and yet there are some standard cases because of which the participants can imitate their Abitur via distance learning.

That's how it was with me

When I started the Fernabi, I was just 16 years old and still in the vocational training that I had started after I graduated from secondary school. At that time I was doing an apprenticeship in the IT industry and had the dream of completing a degree in IT after my apprenticeship, because I initially felt very comfortable with it. However, in the course of time my interest in the training and thus also in my studies has waned. That's why I stopped doing my distance learning Abitur for a while.

When I took up again later, the plans for a degree were shelved because after my apprenticeship I developed in a completely different direction - namely, I made the leap into human resources. And then I suddenly had the will to continue my remote school leaving certificate. The only difference was that I no longer had any specific plans for a degree, but just wanted to prove to myself that I could bring something to a successful conclusion.

The dream of studying

In the Abitur distance learning you meet fellow students of different age groups. As different as the people and personalities may be, most of them have the same thing in common: They want to study and have not yet met the requirements. Some come fresh from school and simply go a different way than normal high school graduates. The others may already have 20 years of professional life behind them. Often they are simply not satisfied with what they are doing and strive for something higher. They all sign up for the Abitur distance learning course in order to make their dream of studying come true.

Nobody knows what is happening

For me it was the case that at some point I just wanted to have the university entrance qualification in my pocket just to make provisions for the future. Who knows if it won't suddenly occur to me in ten years' time that I still want to study and then can't do it because I didn't graduate from high school when I was young. Many who catch up on their Abitur do it for precisely this reason - so that they don't later have to reproach themselves for having missed an opportunity.

Abitur as a prerequisite for training

Many junior high school students notice even during their school days that secondary school leaving certificate is not enough for them. Many companies today require a high school diploma for an apprenticeship position. However, these are not always particularly high-quality apprenticeships, but rather normal job descriptions such as office clerks. But unfortunately it is not for everyone to go to grammar school again right after secondary school. The Fernabitur is a good alternative to normal school, especially since most students don't feel like bothering with the teachers any longer after their normal school days. By imitating the Abitur, these students lay the foundation for training in their dream job.

Simply more general education

You might not believe it, but there are also quite a few distance students who struggle with the Fernabi to expand their general knowledge. With all distance learning providers, you can only complete the course and get the corresponding certificate of completion of the distance school, but you cannot register for the exams and thus not obtain the official university entrance qualification.

I can understand this urge for more knowledge. However, I have to say that there are certainly cheaper variants to expand your general knowledge, because the same knowledge can of course also be obtained from much cheaper books. However, the Abitur distance learning is also more structured and a lot better geared towards distance learners. Specialist books that convey general knowledge are often much worse prepared and are more likely to be written for other target groups.

Use the second chance

In the course of my Fernabis I got to know some participants for whom the distance learning Abitur was something like a second chance. For example, you did not pass the Abitur at the normal high school at the first attempt and did not want to repeat the last school year.

Since you are still well acquainted with the subject matter, you usually do the Fernabi quickly and see the many study documents as an extensive repetition. After some practice, you can often register for the state examination much faster than anyone else and still get your university entrance qualification. In the meantime, they often complete shortened vocational training on the side in order not to let the time pass uselessly.

Abitur Fernabitur