All menstrual fluids stink

This is why your period blood smells so strong

Have you always wondered why your period heavy smells so strong sometimes?Almost every girl is affected - and yet we know so little about it. The reason for the strong smell is simple.

Girls have periods every 28 days. During the days, girls not only suffer from abdominal pain, but also from flatulence. Girls start menstruating between the ages of ten and 15. But why does the period blood smell so badly?

That's behind the smell of period blood

The menstrual fluid consists not only of blood, but also consists of other things - such as substances such as vaginal mucus, fluids and tissue, as gynecologist Taraneh Shirazian opposed Refinery29 betrayed. And bacteria can also be there. Incidentally, these also cause the odor - how strong it is depends on how long the blood stays in the body.

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This way you keep the smell very low

If you want to keep the odor as low as possible, your genital area should always be dry. You should therefore not sweat, because this gives bacteria a breeding ground - so that this does not happen, underwear made of cotton makes sense. So much more air gets to the vagina. "To wear cotton underwear and breathable clothing that contains as little spandex as possible and is best not so tight," recommends Dr. Shirazian.

Then you should see a doctor

It is completely normal for your period blood to smell a bit strange. However, if the liquid smells like fish, there may be a disease behind it. A vaginal infection or a fungus could be the cause. If your genital area also itches or burns, you should urgently consult a doctor and have yourself examined. You should never use a vaginal douche, by the way, because it can make things even worse. Conclusion: The smell is completely normal. But you should be careful if you notice sudden changes in your body. Already read? That is why the breasts hurt even before the period