Why can't inheritable properties change?

Distribution of field properties

Note: This article does not apply to Access Web Apps.

Some field properties are inheritable. When you create a control based on the field, the property setting is included in the new control - inherited from the field on which you are based the control. If you change an inheritable field property in Table Design view, you can access the same change to any control that is already based on that field. This process, in which Access automatically has the change before it, is known as propagation.

1. If you change an inheritable field property ...

2. ... and choose to update the property setting everywhere ...

3. ... The setting of the new property is automatically updated every time the field is used.

For example, if you update the description property of a field, you can make the same change to controls that are bound to that field, so that the new description appears on the status bar when a form is open and a control is selected that contains it Field used.

Update an inheritable property

  1. Make the appropriate change to an inheritable property. The Property Update Options button is displayed.

  2. Click the button Property update options, and then click in the drop-down menu InheritedUpdate property when the field is used. The Update Properties dialog box opens and displays a list of database objects using the field.

  3. Choose in the Update Properties dialog box, select any items that you want to update automatically, and then click Yes.