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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Sternis - Money Trees, Money Stones, Turnips & More

What's the fastest way to get Sternis in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is all about building and beautifying the island. But as in real life, it costs us money, or sternis. So it is best if we need as many sternis as possible as soon as possible.

But how do you best collect the currency? We will show you which methods are particularly suitable and what you should pay attention to when making a quick buck. You can find general tips for beginners in our large starter guide:

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Find the money stone & the money stone island

You will find five distinctive stones on your island. If you hit it with the shovel against it, you will receive numerous resources: clay, stone, ore or even gold. A stone is different, however: with each cut, it spits out sternis instead of building materials. If you position yourself skilfully, you can get money out of the stone up to eight times, both star coins and sacks. You are so happy to collect 16,000 sternis with one stone.

After that, however, the stone is initially exhausted. After all, the little gold mine is recovering and the next day you can get rich again in full cheer. A little tip: dig holes behind you so that the target doesn't push you back after each blow, or keep the movement stick pressed in the direction of the stone.

With a mile ticket, the dodos will always take you to new islands.

The money stone island

If you also buy a mile ticket and travel to other islands, you can also find money stones there and not only that: On one of the islands there is even a pond with a smaller island on which several gray blocks without plants or other stuff in a circle stand. There is money in all of these stones!

To get to the mini-island, eat a fruit and use the strength you gain to smash the stone that blocks the ledge on the other side of the bank, from which you can access the island with the jump pole. Then swing over and reap your well-deserved money.

Were sold

If you start on your island, you will only find one of five fruits on trees: cherries, apples, peaches, pears or oranges. You can sell them for 100 sternis - but the fruit that is not native to your island is much better sold. To find the foreign varieties you have two options:

  • You collect miles for a mile ticket and land on one of a few randomly selected islands, which mostly have fruits and flowers that you don't have. Take the fruit with you or dig up the whole tree and plant it with you.
  • It's even faster if you talk to friends. On their islands you will not only find other fruit, but you can also sell your fruit for a lot more, because it is foreign to this island. So you get 500 sternis per unit.

In Nepp und Schlepps Laden there are new offers every day.

In addition, you should always stop by Nooks, or Nepp und Schlepps, shops as soon as you have set it up. Every day there is an item that you can sell for twice the price, the offer of the week. You have to craft the item first, but don't worry: it's always something that you can implement. If the store reaches the second stage of expansion, there will even be two offers.

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Catch fish and insects

Another path to many sternis leads you to fish and insects. If you catch the animals, you can easily get between 1,000 and 4,000 sternis per piece. Keep an eye out for the tarantula and tiger beetle in your city, they will bring you a lot of money. Just be careful because the creatures are fleeing faster than you can shout "Damn Tom Nook!"

The fish cannot always be sorted by size in advance.

Targeted hunting is not possible with the fish. Small fish can cast large shadows in the water and vice versa. Here you just have to bring patience and a little luck.

Late game tip: A specialist for both insects and fish will come to the island during the course of the game, once a week. They both pay you particularly well for their favorite creatures, so later in the game you can consider storing any fish / insects you have caught until one of them comes by.

Carlsson loves insects.

Lomeus loves fish, but most of all he loves himself.

Plant money trees

Every day you will find a glittering point on the ground on your beautiful island. If you dig there, you will find a sack full of sternis. But you shouldn't just ignore the glowing hole. Because if you bury a star sack in this hole, a tree could grow out of it, carrying sacks of money instead of fruit.

Open your inventory for a suitable sack and combine money into sacks, but never more than 10,000 sternis. Because your investment only triples up to this limit. Put the sack in the hole and plant a money tree.

A money tree like that is a fine thing.

After about five days the tree will be fully grown and you simply shake off your new wealth.

Grows beets

The last way to get a quick buck is by selling beet. However, there is also a bit of risk associated with it, because the beet trade is always speculation.

As soon as you have activated your shop, the character Yorna comes to your island every Sunday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. You can recognize her by her beet hat and runny nose. She sells you beets at a price that changes every time. Buy as many vegetables as you want (and can).

You can recognize Yorna by her beet hat.

The price will vary from day to day in the coming week, you can inquire about the beet prices at Nepp und Schlepp. You now have to decide for yourself at what prices you want to sell the beets. Since the price changes twice a day, you can of course also miss out on the big win.

However, you shouldn't wait too long, because the beets will go bad after a week. In addition, they cannot be stored in the warehouse, but must either be stored in the house or buried on the island.

These were our tips for making money quickly. What helped you guys Where do you have difficulties? Write us the answer in the comments.

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