How can I get stamina to dance

Build up stamina: With these 7 sports to more endurance

The condition describes the general performance of the body. There are certain sports to help you build this up. Building stamina is not just about endurance training, but about your resilience. This includes strength, speed and agility. A solid stamina is the basis for building muscle and constantly increasing performance. These seven sports are particularly suitable for this. The best thing to do is to include at least two of them in your training plan.

1. Jogging

Even a moderate pace will get your cardiovascular system going. Jogging is therefore a good idea even if you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and stress.

To increase your endurance, you should run regularly and make your units more challenging. If you are already an experienced runner, interval training is recommended. You combine easy running units with speed sections.

For productive and healthy jogging, however, you should pay attention to your posture: tilt your upper body slightly forward and keep your gaze straight ahead. A head tilted downwards puts strain on the intervertebral discs as well as the neck and back muscles.

2. Walking

To put it simply, walking is brisk walking with emphasized arm use. Especially when you start from scratch, walking is the gentler alternative to jogging and is suitable for all age groups.

Fast walking stimulates the metabolism as well as fat burning and is less stressful for the knee joints than fast jogging. Walking is a good sport for beginners to build up basic fitness.

If you want to improve, you can combine walking and jogging as a training method, alternating every five minutes.

3. Cycling

Cycling strengthens your stomach, buttocks and leg muscles, whether at home on the ergometer or outside in nature. Cycling is not only a good method of building fitness every day, it is also ideal for people who are overweight to get back to physical activity.

As a beginner you should start small and slowly increase the effort. In order to build up stamina, you should be out on the bike for at least 30 minutes, preferably an hour. And preferably three to four times a week.

Another advantage: You can easily integrate cycling into your everyday life. For the way to work, to the supermarket or to friends - just leave your car and swing on your bike.

Our tip: After exercising, stretch the leg and gluteal muscles.

4. Swimming

Swimming is great for building stamina. You train your whole body and protect your joints. Training in the water also gets your metabolism going and can help against cellulite.

The dampened gravity in the water helps the body when it comes to physical mobility. The pressure of the water pushes blood from the superficial blood vessels into the chest cavity. This leads to better blood circulation. Anyone who takes the effort to learn different swimming styles and to vary between them will receive good all-round fitness training. Backstroke swimming in particular can work wonders. Your muscles are stressed significantly differently in the water. You can find out which swimming style is best for your training here.

To build condition, you should swim between 30 and 45 minutes.

5. Rowing

Whether out on the water or on the rowing machine in the gym, rowing is definitely a great way to build your general endurance. Rowing or paddling is good for your back and strengthens your stamina, although you practically practice this sport while sitting.

For inexperienced users, this is a pretty strenuous alternative that can quickly get your pulse racing. If you're just starting out, create a training plan that includes a break every 10 minutes.

6. Cross trainer

If you go to the gym anyway, you will be familiar with the elliptical machine and probably already know it as an integral part of your training plan. The sequence of movements on the cross trainer is similar to jogging. However, there are no shock loads. This makes the training easier on the joints.

As a cardio machine, it has established itself as a fitness trainer alongside the treadmill and ergometer. Training on the cross trainer is also very suitable for beginners thanks to the adjustable difficulty levels.

As with all sports, when doing endurance training on the elliptical machine, it is important that you train regularly. If you get on the cardio machine three to four times a week for at least 25 minutes, your condition will improve quickly.

7. Dancing

Yes, that counts. You don't have to wait until the next party night to do this. You can also dance at home to your favorite music or at a Zumba class in the gym.

Start with slower songs and then increase the tempo track by track. Dancing uses a variety of muscles and makes you feel good. Of course, it only brings results if you really work up a sweat and swing your hips regularly.

Zumba combines aerobics, dance steps and rhythmic music and is an effective full-body workout with a fun factor. Even if Zumba looks fun, it makes everyone sweat. In addition to shedding pounds, you can also use it to improve your condition. Especially the new STRONG by Zumba really challenges you. You can read more about endurance training with Zumba here.

Endurance training: yes, but right

The following applies to all forms of endurance training: Do not overload yourself.

Ideally, after your workout you feel like you could have continued a little longer. The conclusion to all forms of endurance training should always include extensive stretching of the stressed muscles. After a while you will find that you are getting fitter. Building stamina is therefore not magic - you just need the right and regular training.

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