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How to deal with bad Google reviews - delete or comment?

Unpleasant ratings for your company entry on Google Maps? You don't have to leave it like that. Here I'm going to show you what to do if the Google My Business reviews are bad.

Bad rating on Google - you can do that

If you manage your own company listing on Google Maps or Google My Business, you may already be familiar with the problem: bad reviews, which reduce the overall rating, are simply unfair or are even displayed under the customer quotes in the entry. Annoying! But what can you do there?

There are basically only two options when dealing with negative reviews:

  1. Respond publicly to the review
  2. Report the review and have it deleted

1st option: Publicly respond to a Google review

You can comment on the ratings in your Google My Business entry at any time. Your responses to a review will then be titled “Response from Owner”. In this way, you can respond to factual criticism and take a professional position even in the case of irrelevant reviews.

These 5 tips will help you comment on Google reviews:

  1. Never get personal - answer only on a factual level and stay friendly but confident
  2. Respect the reviewer's opinion - not all have the same tastes. When in doubt, you can always come back to this fact
  3. Take constructive criticism seriously. Promise you will get better - and implement helpful suggestions as quickly as possible
  4. Always thank you for negative reviews when you respond to them - as long as they are factual and constructive
  5. Keep your answers short - nobody wants to read long novels in the reviews

Never forget: there is also a person at the other end

What you should never forget: At the other end is another person who, like all people, wants specific answers to his or her individual questions. So avoid empty phrases and ask for direct contact if necessary. This also conveys to other readers that you are serious about your customers' needs. And it doesn't matter at all whether the addressed reviewer actually contacts you (which is rather unlikely). Incidentally, the public offering of compensation or discounts has to do with the reviews nothing lost.

3 examples of countered bad reviews on Google:

1. Example: A hotel in Gladbeck - customer dissatisfied with a specific service


This hotel is not recommended because the decor and architecture are nice, but the food and service during the meeting is very poor. In addition, the rooms were very cold despite the heating and it was drawing everywhere. Here the price-performance ratio is not right at all.

Answer from the owner

Dear guest,
Thank you for your feedback on your stay with us.
It is nice to read that you liked the ambience of our house.
Unfortunately, however, you also had cause for criticism. We are very sorry and we apologize to you for it.
We currently have no reports that the heaters are not working properly. It would therefore be very helpful for us if you could tell us which conference you attended. It is then also possible for us to discuss all other points of criticism with the relevant departments and to ensure improvements.
We thank you for your cooperation and wish you all the best. We would be delighted if you would continue to visit us. Then we can show you that we take the criticism of our guests very seriously and learn from our mistakes.
With hospitable greetings
i. A. Revenue Management

2. Example: A steakhouse in Essen - unspecific or comment-free rating


Mega bad and unfriendly

Answer from the owner

Dear Sir *****,
we regret that you are so disappointed in us.
Please send us a message to [email protected]********.com what exactly happened so that we can take care of it.
Thank you and greetings from the ****** team in Essen

3rd example: Steakhouse in Essen - customer dissatisfied with something that is difficult or difficult for you to change


As a very big pioneer among steakhouses, the consistent concept seems a bit outdated today. A makeover is probably only a matter of time, unless you stick with the retro style.

Answer from the owner

Dear Sir *****,
Thank you for your feedback.
It is a shame that you do not like our facility as much. We're sorry. Many guests appreciate the cozy, family atmosphere at *******. But of course, the tastes differ here. And ultimately it is crucial that we meet your taste with the steaks, right? 🙂
We hope to see you again soon in our restaurant!
Best regards from your ******** team

2nd option: Report a review - let Google delete your review

Simply remove every bad Google rating: unfortunately that is not possible. This would also counteract the basic idea of ​​Google that users can share their experiences with the places entered on Google Maps. However, some ratings are actually not allowed - for example, if a competitor is trying to put you in a bad light or if it is spam.

How to report a review on Google

Reviews on Google can only be removed by "reporting". To do this, log into your Google My Business account and call up the entry in the administrative view "Reviews" area on. There you click on the 3 small, vertical dots in the upper right corner of the rating or review to be removed and then on "Report as inappropriate".

In order for a Google rating to be removed, at least one of the following requirements must be met:

  • It's spam - the author, possibly a competitor, wants to promote their own products at your expense
  • Sexual content - often also spam, the author publishes or promotes explicit sexual content (which can also be purely text-based)
  • Negative reviews from former employees - Google does not recognize this type of business damage as being covered by freedom of expression

Only report reviews that violate the guidelines

You can also find the guidelines for Google ratings at

Be patient

Experience has shown that it can take several weeks for an unobjective rating to be removed from Google. An example is provided by

The last stopgap if you can't get rid of bad Google reviews

Many companies complain about bad ratings and reviews on Google, which in the worst case scenario can be damaging to their business. Therefore, the desire is great to be able to delete reviews at will, but unfortunately this is not possible and will not be possible in the future as it stands. If the path described above does not lead to the desired success, there is only that Legal action, which certainly offers opportunities: Google recently lost to a legal dispute over a bad rating.

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