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Does your skin often look tired and gray? Do you suffer from dry or blemished skin? Peelings are true tuning specialists who can visibly refine your complexion after only a short time and ensure a fresh complexion. We'll tell you what you should look out for when gently cleansing your skin.

Do you live and eat healthily, do sports and yet your skin often looks tired and gray? Or do you tend to have dry or blemished skin? Often there are dead skin cells behind it, which make the complexion look pale or which clog the pores. Say goodbye to the gray veil with a gentle peeling. What about your skin? It quickly looks fresh and alive again. Peelings work wonders in everyday skin care and help with blemished, oily skin. We'll tell you what you should know for sustainable deep cleansing.

Basic cleaning: remove dirt particles and make-up residues

Every facial cleansing starts with the removal of dirt and make-up. Mascara, eye shadow and kohl are best treated with special eye make-up removers. Since the eye area is very sensitive, you should not rub or rub here if possible. Instead, drizzle the cleansing product onto two cotton wool pads and press them onto your eyes to loosen the make-up. It can be easily removed after just a few seconds.

You can remove dirt particles and make-up residues with cleaning foam or milk

Foundation, make-up and powder are best removed with a cleansing milk or a cleansing foam. Cleansing products in cream or milk form cleanse the skin thoroughly, gently and gently, without drying it out. The oils they contain stabilize the skin's natural protective layer. Cleansing foam provides a special feel-good experience, because the feather-light product gently and thoroughly removes dirt and make-up from your skin. Cleansing gel has an extra refreshing effect, which turns into a soft foam in combination with water and is extremely economical to use.

At the end of the basic cleansing, you can put a few drops of facial toner, also known as a tonic, on a cotton ball and distribute it on the face, neck and décolleté. In this way, you remove make-up residues, support your skin in rebuilding its protective acid mantle and prepare it for the next care steps.

Deep cleansing: peelings as tuning specialists

When it comes to deep cleansing, a distinction is made between mechanical and chemical peelings. While the former remove tiny particles of emery, dead skin flakes, chemical peelings use active ingredients such as fruit acids or natural enzymes. These loosen dead horny scales on the skin and have an anti-bacterial effect. Since chemical peelings do not have the "rub-off" effect, they are particularly suitable for the care of sensitive skin and skin that is prone to impurities or excess sebum.

The ferment peeling from Dr. Grandel gently and effectively removes dead skin cells using an enzyme obtained from papaya fruit, without irritating or drying out the skin. After the basic cleaning, simply lather half a teaspoon of the powder, which is available in a classy glass bottle, with a little water in your hands, apply it to your face, neck and décolleté and massage it in gently. While you let the feather-light foam take effect for about 5-10 minutes, you can repeatedly moisten the respective skin areas with your fingertips. Then carefully wash off the peeling with warm water. The ferment peeling from Dr. Grandel does not contain any animal ingredients and is also suitable for sensitive and dry skin.

At the Dr. Grandel Effect Peeling removes dead skin cells from ground bamboo and the enzyme protease, white clay also absorbs excess sebum, refines the pores and smoothes the complexion. Gray veils are a thing of the past after the first application. For the best results, apply the peeling to the face, neck and décolleté once or twice a week after the basic cleansing and leave it on for about 10 minutes. If you want, you can gently massage the product in using circular movements. Then wash it off with lukewarm water. The Effect Peeling from Dr. Grandel is not only suitable for facial skin of all ages, but also convinces as a hand peeling.

After cleansing the skin, nourishing creams and concentrates can develop their full effect. A large selection of creams for every skin type is available from the cosmetic institute or at www.grandel.de.

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