How can I become a listening book teller

Most professional speakers have experience with voice recordings of all kinds (advertising announcements, telephone announcements, e-learning, synchronized recordings). However, they are missing Experience with regular and hours-long audio book recordings.

NOTE: Audio book recordings require practice in hours of reading aloud (error-free). If you don't have this experience, train before applying or ask us for one Test project.

We start with an onboarding process with all speakers.

The onboarding includes an induction phase for two audio book projects. You go through 4 phases with us:

Phase 1: application

You send us your crisp application stating your fee expectation, the signed license agreement, a list of your equipment and a short demo (please only factual texts and audio book demos).

We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Note that we are bombarded with applications every week. Our Response time is approx. 8 weeks.

If we like what we hear and read, we'll get back to you.

Phase 2: Audio and quality check of your recordings

You do a one-minute demo for liberaudio. We receive the demo as a wav file and check the quality of your reading and your equipment. If necessary, our sound engineering will contact you to make corrections to your equipment.

This process is of course free of charge for applicants.

(If you are an author and want to record your audio books yourself, we charge a fee of € 149 for this sound and quality check).

We load the finished demo into our speaker database.

Phase 3: First order or test project + test recording

Some authors cannot decide between two voices so quickly, so we get an audio sample from two or three speakers.

You will receive the manuscript, fee proposal, deadline and decide whether you want to have the assignment. If so, record a short audio sample. The customer decides and then we can start.

NOTE: If it is your first audio book, we will do a test project. We get to know your limits and can support you better. This test project is free of charge.

Phase 4: questions + correction loop

The recording starts. You read in the manuscript. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or email. After the reading, we will check your admission and ask for corrections if necessary. After the audiobook has been completed, we will look together to see what we can optimize in terms of cooperation.

Your tasks as an audio book speaker

We work with various audio book speakers who record from home and a team of sound engineers who process the recordings and ensure that the quality remains constant. Your tasks include:

  • Induction phase (onboarding)
  • Free audio samples to help customers make decisions
  • Inclusion of non-fiction books, guides, blog texts and magazine articles
  • Compliance with the director's instructions
  • Rough cut (long pauses, rough background noises, talkers)
  • Compliance with the production deadlines
  • Handling / sending files with WeTransfer
  • Correction recordings, if necessary

Your application as an audio book speaker

If you meet the above requirements and would like to read audiobooks, then apply to liberaudio.

Send us the following:

  • Demo speech sample from your portfolio
  • Demo speech sample for liberaudio cut as wav (download text here)
  • Presentation of fees for one hour of running time
  • Photo from your recording room / equipment / studio
  • User assignment agreement signed as a scan

Send the email to [email protected] (to Marta).

We look forward to you.