What were the gas prices in 1997

Development of gas prices

Annually changing gas prices are not only a recurring task for market researchers, but above all for consumers who are directly affected. Forecasts made in recent years with regard to the current gas price can hardly be reliably predicted these days. After the gas price constantly fell between 2012 and 2017, the gas price has risen steadily in recent years, before it averaged € 5.97 in 2020.

How do the price fluctuations come about?

The level of the current gas price is heavily dependent on how high or low the other energy market prices, such as the oil price, are. In the event of a reduction in oil production by the OPEC countries, there will be an oil shortage, which means that the oil price will rise. Furthermore, in this situation, electricity providers are buying more and more gas, which also drives up the gas price on the energy market.

The gas price is particularly low if the energy market can keep the prices consistently low over a longer period of time, for example through those high OPEC subsidies, so that the energy providers have full gas storage facilities at their disposal, which they can then use at low prices in the form of tariffs to pass on to their customers. This trend then leads accordingly to favorable new customer tariffs.

Gas price development in recent years

Due to the instability of gas prices in recent years, it is particularly worthwhile to carry out an annual gas price comparison in order to compare the various gas providers and the respective tariffs in detail and thus to find the cheapest gas tariff. This is very easy with our gas calculator. Just provide the information you need, compare tariffs at a glance, and complete the switch in minutes.

Do you have any questions about our gas tariffs?

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