What's the longest piece ever written

John Cage : The longest piece of music in the world experiences sound changes

Halberstadt The composer John Cage pretended to play the piece "as slow as possible" ("as slow as possible"). In the former Burchardi monastery church in Saxony-Anhalt, which was occupied by more than 1000 music lovers, the time had come at 3:33 p.m.

Minister of State Rainer Robra (CDU) and Halberstadt's Lord Mayor Andreas Henke (left) released two more tones - an A and a C - in addition to the four existing ones. In front of numerous guests of honor, they attached two more pipes to the still small cage organ, which was growing in stages.

Change of sound in a large setting

To change the sound, the city had planned a large setting that was similarly experimental as the work of John Cage (1912-1992). Among other things, numerous concerts were offered in the city's churches. The sound change on Saturday was not the only one this year, another one is planned for November 4th.

Halberstadt is the place where the piece is performed because the world's first large organ was built there in 1361. At the turn of the millennium in 2000, this milestone in music history was exactly 639 years ago. The place and hour of birth of the Cage project were found with these considerations: In Halberstadt, the piece by Cage was to be performed for a period of 639 years, mirrored on the "timeline" of the year 2000. The Cage score was divided into a grid for this project, nine times 71 years.

Cage organ is to be expanded further

Over the centuries, the Cage organ, which is already famous at home and abroad, is to be expanded and one day will cost a total of 180,000 euros. The foundation came up with an original idea to finance them: interested parties can buy individual sound years for 1000 euros, including a name plaque in the church. (dm / dpa)

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