What were your best childhood dreams

So I believe that everyone will find some things in their childhood that he or she loved to do, that would inspire him or her today. And I also think that it might be easier to paint a bit, to dance, to sing, to build something, to play, without having to turn it into a profession. If it happens well, if not well. Because turning a passion into a job that you have to live from can also be painful, torture and ruin everything, like someone who loves cycling, but because of that, as a drug-pounded professional rider at the Tour de France, he has to his body to destroy. An athlete who loves his sport should think twice about whether he would like to go through the torments of a competitive athlete just to get to the top. This is likely to apply to many other dreams as well.

But who turn the calling into a profession and follow the inner destiny?

But some people can't help it either, maybe it's their destiny and maybe it's good that they don't do anything other than what they love. Ultimately, a painter like van Gogh probably doesn't care, who has not sold a single picture in his life or who has gnawed on hunger cloth all his life. He was completely absorbed in what he was doing.

Or would you rather have a job to earn a living and enjoy a passion as a hobbie to the full?

But I think everyone goes their own way here and everyone also has their own desires, their own karma. And that's why you can't generalize very much and maybe more can be connected with each other than you think.

For example, I like to use my creativity in designing websites or in the conversations I have with people, but I wouldn't even dream of making painting my job at first :)

The art of doing nothing

Let us now come to the basis of everything, to be able to “be simple”, even without doing anything, is the origin and the end of everything. The circle closes and you come back to your nature. You are a child again.

A little cleanup is needed

If we can feel comfortable in ourselves without doing anything, then doing and doing nothing is both beautiful. But in order to be able to be simple, which, by the way, we were able to do as a child, a little “cleanup” is necessary.

With a regular spiritual practice, with meditation methods that are suitable for us, with healing methods such as Reiki or with mindfulness in our life, we bring more light into the darkness and free ourselves from old ballast.

You can find out more about this in my free meditation and mindfulness course at www.ommmm.de/achtsamkeitstraining

To be like a channel