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1 | 10 Almost 14 million cats and around nine million dogs live in German households. Almost every second household has a cat or a dog. In total there are more than 34 million pets in Germany.

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2 | 10 When caresses and intensive eye contact, both humans and dogs release the cuddly hormone oxytocin. This strengthens the mutual bond - similar to the parent-child relationship.

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3 | 10 cats self-joined humans about 9,500 years ago. At first they were tolerated, then idolized in ancient Egypt and demonized in the Middle Ages as companions of alleged witches.

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4 | 10 dogs have lived with humans for much longer than cats - probably around 40,000 years. Even stone age hunters had tame wolves as protectors and also as companions for the hunt. And through targeted breeding, our pet dog has gradually developed from this.

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5 | 10 A cat costs almost 12,000 euros in the course of its life. And owners spend even more on dogs: According to an estimate by the Animal Welfare Association, up to 17,000 euros are incurred with an average life of 14 years. These amounts include the cost of equipment, standard vaccinations and feed. Extra costs for operations, for example, come on top.

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6 | 10 extreme breed characteristics like the pug's short skull can lead to serious health problems. The animals become short of breath and cannot compensate for heat. Persian cats have very flat faces and often struggle with chronic lacrimation. Painful vertebral deformities are common in tailless cats like Manx or Cymric.

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7 | 10 Chocolate is toxic to dogs and cats. This is due to the alkaloid theobromine, which is similar to caffeine and which is mainly found in dark chocolate and cocoa powder. Even 20 to 30 grams of dark chocolate can be life-threatening for small dogs.

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8 | 10 A third of all dogs that have to stay alone suffer from separation stress - with negative consequences for the health and social behavior of the animals. This was shown in a study in which 200 dogs were observed with a camera.

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9 | 10 Cats and dogs have a great need for sleep: Depending on the breed, the animals slumber between 17 and 20 hours a day.

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10 | 10 Purring has not only been shown to have a calming effect on humans, but also has healing effects for cats: Researchers suspect that the low-frequency vibrations stimulate the muscles and activate cells for bone growth.

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