Does Moonlight deserve to win the best picture

Last Minute Knowledge for the Long Night of the Stars - When do I have to tune in for the IMPORTANT Oscars?

The time has come tonight. The Oscar, the most important film award in the world, is presented in Los Angeles.

Who has the most nominations, how political will Donald Trump's award ceremony be and what would be the biggest surprise? Here is the most important information about having a say.

Oscar 2017 - when will who win?

The official process of the Oscars is secret.

The fact is: it starts at 2.30 a.m., the show is over around 6 a.m.

Experience says: the “Best Supporting Actress” is honored at the very beginning. The "Best Supporting Actor" hides in the middle of the show.

The most important categories are announced towards the end: the best director, the best leading actors and finally the best film.

You should set the alarm clock between 4 and 4:30 am: From this time onwards, the German film “Toni Erdmann” could win as “Best Foreign Language Film”.

Where exactly is the gala taking place?

The 89th Academy Awards take place at the Dolby Theater on Hollywood Boulevard. Until 2012 the name was Kodak Theater. In the very first year (1929) the awards were given at the Roosevelt Hotel across the street on Hollywood Boulevard.

Who is hosting the Oscars?

For the first time, the American comedian and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel will host the stage. The 49-year-old replaces comedian Chris Rock, who led the show for the second time in 2016.

Which film is THE Oscar favorite?

The musical “La La Land” has been nominated for a sensational 14 Oscars. Only a few films were able to do that before. It is unlikely that “La La Land” will really win in all of these categories - but there are still a few. For example, Emma Stone is given a good chance as the best leading actress in advance, and the music is also considered to be award-worthy. Experts expect that there will also be an Oscar for best film.

The Oscar nominations in the most important categories

  • Best movie

    ★ "Arrival"

    ★ "Fences"

    ★ "Hacksaw Ridge"

    ★ "Hidden Figures"

    ★ "Hell or High Water"

    ★ "La La Land"

    ★ "Lion"

    ★ "Manchester by the Sea"

    ★ "Moonlight"

  • Best director

    ★ Mel Gibson ("Hacksaw Ridge")

    ★ Damien Chazelle ("La La Land")

    ★ Barry Jenkins ("Moonlight")

    ★ Kenneth Lonergan ("Manchester by the Sea")

    ★ Denis Villeneuve ("Arrival")

  • Best main actress

    ★ Natalie Portman ("Jackie")

    ★ Isabelle Huppert ("Elle")

    ★ Emma Stone ("La La Land")

    ★ Meryl Streep ("Florence Foster Jenkins")

    ★ Ruth Negga ("Loving")

  • Best Actor

    Casey Affleck ("Manchester by the Sea")

    ★ Denzel Washington ("Fences")

    ★ Viggo Mortensen ("Captain Fantastic")

    ★ Andrew Garfield ("Hacksaw Ridge")

    ★ Ryan Gosling ("La La Land")

  • The best supporting actress

    ★ Viola Davis ("Fences")

    ★ Michelle Williams ("Manchester by the Sea")

    ★ Naomie Harris ("Moonlight")

    ★ Nicole Kidman ("Lion")

    ★ Octavia Spencer ("Hidden Figures")

  • Best supporting actor

    Mahershala Ali ("Moonlight")

    ★ Jeff Bridges ("Hell or High Water")

    ★ Michael Shannon ("Nocturnal Animals")

    ★ Lucas Hedges ("Manchester by the Sea")

    ★ Dev Patel ("Lion")

  • Best foreign language film

    ★ "Tanna" (Australia)

    ★ Under the Sand - The Promise of Freedom "(Denmark)

    ★ "Toni Erdmann" (Germany)

    ★ "The Salesman" (Iran)

    ★ "A man named Ove" (Sweden)

Does Germany have a chance of winning a prize?

Yes, several times.

► The German film director, screenwriter and film producer Maren Ade is in the running for the foreign Oscar with her tragic comedy "Toni Erdmann".

The film sold well worldwide and also has fans in Hollywood, Jack Nicholson is said to be interested in a remake. It would be the first Oscar for Germany in ten years. Nevertheless, the competition in the “best non-English language film” category is strong: In the end, the Iranian contribution “The Salesman” could also triumph.

► For the soundtrack to the drama “Lion”, the German composer and pianist Volker Bertelmann has been nominated for an Oscar together with the US musician Dustin O'Halloran - in the “Best Film Music” category. The man from Düsseldorf (born in 1966) is known by the artist name Hauschka.

►With his refugee documentary "Watani: My Homeland", documentary filmmaker Marcel Mettelsiefen is one of five candidates in the category "Best Short Documentary". For the British production, which he directed with Stephen Ellis, he accompanied a Syrian family to Germany.

► Like Maren Ades “Toni Erdmann”, the German co-production “Unter dem Sand” has also been nominated for an Oscar abroad. The drama is in the Oscar race for Denmark, but was also financed with money from Germany and is therefore a Danish-German co-production.

How political will the Oscars be this time?

The award of the Golden Globes already showed how critical many stars in Hollywood are towards US President Donald Trump: Meryl Streep severely criticized the new president shortly before his inauguration. Also at the Oscars this year you have to reckon with some political peaks - maybe also with explicit protests against Trump and his politics.

Does the - for the time being stopped - entry ban for people from seven predominantly Islamic countries still have consequences for the Oscars?

The Iranian director Asghar Farhadi has already announced that he will be staying away from the award ceremony in protest, as has his leading actress Taraneh Alidoosti. Her film “The Salesman” has been nominated for an Oscar abroad alongside “Toni Erdmann”.

Who could win in the actor categories?

Emma Stone is as good as set for women. After all, she dances, sings and plays in the musical "La La Land" with enormous charm. However, the French Isabelle Huppert could get in the way.

After all, she has already won the Golden Globe for her performance in the satire "Elle". With the men, however, Emma Stone's film partner Ryan Gosling is given little chance. Casey Affleck is more likely for the drama "Manchester by the Sea".

What would be the biggest surprise?

The drama "Moonlight" has been nominated for eight Academy Awards, but has so far been overshadowed by "La La Land". Nevertheless, the film, which was co-produced by Brad Pitt among others, could be a surprise winner.

Director Barry Jenkins could triumph over “La La Land” director Damien Chazelle - that would be the first directing Oscar for a black man. The biggest highlight, however, would be if “Moonlight” snatches the award for best film - and it deserves it, after all, the work tells very sensitively of the growing up of a black boy in precarious circumstances.

Who knows the Oscar winners?

The more than 6,000 Oscar judges must submit their ballots to the Beverly Hills Film Academy (by mail or online). In the end, only two employees know the outcome of the election in advance. The closely guarded results for all categories will be brought directly to the award gala in sealed envelopes.

Who is performing at the Oscars?

Among other things, Justin Timberlake will sing his song "Can't Stop the Feeling", which is included on the soundtrack of the animated film "Trolls".

The musicians John Legend and Sting have also been announced.

Who is watching the Oscars on TV?

The show takes place in the USA on Sunday evening at prime time: in Los Angeles from 5:30 p.m., in New York from 8:30 p.m. That's why the ratings there are very good, with millions of people watching the gala live. The Academy Awards are traditionally one of the most watched programs of the year on US television after the Superbowl. In Germany, on the other hand, when the show starts it is already 2.30 a.m. The audience ratings are correspondingly low: Usually only a few hundred thousand people watch ProSieben live.

Why is the Oscar actually called Oscar?

The award, which has been awarded since 1929, owes its common name to the librarian and later Academy director Margaret Herrick. The statue (35 centimeters high, four kilograms, gold-plated) looks like her uncle Oscar, she is said to have said. In 1939 the academy allowed the nickname.

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