How to stow an untracked file

How do you stack an untracked file?

As mentioned elsewhere, the answer is the file. e.g .:

However, the question is also raised in another answer: what if you really don't want to add the file? As far as I can tell, you have to do it. And the following will NOT function:

this will fail as follows:

So what can you do Well you really need to add the file, but You can effectively remove them later with:

And then you can continue working in the same state you were in before (namely with an untracked file named; plus any other changes you may have made to tracking files).

Another possibility for a workflow would be:

[Note: As mentioned in a comment by @mancocapac, you may want to add to the command (so).]

... which would also be easy to script - aliases would also do that (represented in zsh syntax; adapt as required). You can also enter another filename of your choice]:

Note that the latter may work better as a shell script or function to allow parameters to be passed to in case you don't, but and / or want to be able to specify a particular hiding place rather than just that take supreme. Maybe this is (instead of the second alias, above) [whitespace removed to fit without scrolling; add new for readability]:

Note : In this form you must also enter an action argument the ID, if you want to specify a stash ID, z or

Which you would of course include in your code or equivalent in order to survive in the long term.

Hopefully this answer will be helpful for someone who can wrap it all up in one answer.