How do international architects present their work

Architects present their master's theses

With an exhibition and the T30 party, the master’s graduates from the architecture department celebrate their successful graduation. Her work can be seen on the Leonardo Campus until Sunday.

After the academic celebration and the T30 party, the master’s graduates will present their theses to the public on the weekend (April 8th / 9th). (Photo: FH Münster / Department of Architecture)

Master's graduates call their final projects “model plan landscape”: a combination of model or drawings plus a book. 40 graduates of the architecture department of the Münster University of Applied Sciences, the Münster School of Architecture (MSA), will show their work to the public in the exhibition "T30" this weekend - after the academic celebration and the T30 party.

The now 30th year of master’s degree is diverse: with master’s theses in the areas of urban planning, building in existing structures and conversion. International projects are also represented. For example, two graduates were in Iceland and Thailand for analysis and recording.

Quite selfish, but more useful for future cohorts, is a proposal for a practical studio extension with more workplaces on the Leonardo campus. It is more experimental when a robot mills bamboo components in the digital laboratory, from which a bamboo pavilion is to be created.

The “T30” exhibition is open on Saturday (April 8th) from 12 noon to 6pm and on Sunday (April 9th) from 10am to 6pm on Leonardo Campus 5 (building 10, room Leo 5). All information is available at