How does the TrueConf video conference work

New generation of video conference apps - virtual backgrounds with chromakey technology

Moscow, January 21, 2019

The global provider of high-quality video conferencing and collaboration software TrueConf has released an important update of its TrueConf client apps for Windows, macOS and Linux. The latest version of TrueConf includes a number of new functions - including the option of displaying an individually configurable virtual video background, such as the company logo, via Chromakey during a conference. The other functions of the 4K-capable clients include the simultaneous release of content to all conference participants and the convenience function for recording video conferences.

A function of interest for the business sector is the virtual background technology, with which an image can be displayed as a background during the conference. The new function works perfectly with plain colors (except for skin tones) and is also suitable for painted office walls. Thus, the video background of TrueConf can be adapted to the individual needs of the company or the respective occasion. The prerequisites for perfect functioning are matt, not too shiny backgrounds and uniform, not too bright lighting so that the Chromakey technology can recognize the difference between the speaker and the background.

Share content and video at the same time

With TrueConf 7.3. content and the video can be shared at the same time, so that each conference participant can see not only the content but also the video of the conference leader. Once content is displayed, the leader's video is played in a smaller size over the content. In addition, depending on the requirements, you can choose whether a content or a video should be displayed in a separate window. When selecting a window, you get a small self-view of the content, which you can drag across the screen with the mouse. This means that owners of multiple monitors can play the video on one monitor and display the content on the other monitor.

Thanks to TrueConf technology, H323 / SIP endpoints that do not support content sharing can also receive high quality videos and content.

Convenient video recording function

TrueConf 7.3 also offers the option of recording video conferences. This allows you to watch an important conversation at a later point in time or to send the recording to a colleague who was unable to attend the meeting. Either the entire conference or individual video segments can be recorded as required. Each session can be saved in an appropriate format and resolution. Parameters can be changed at any time in the active conference settings.

TrueConf 7.3 for Windows, macOS and Linux can be downloaded from the TrueConf website:

Those interested can get a first glimpse of this new generation of TrueConf client apps by means of live demos at the TrueConf booth (Hall 11, Booth C160) at Integrated Systems Europe 2019 February in Amsterdam.

A meeting with TrueConf at ISE 2019 can be arranged directly via this link: