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Articles in anthologyGames in World War I. Pictures from an imaginary exhibition 12015Games in World War II. Pictures from an imaginary exhibition 22015Other publicationsAriane Grabher: Who plays with sunlight.2016Christa Dietrich: Viewed twice in the light2016Dream argument2016Heinz Bayer: The extremely sophisticated shadow plays of Ms. S.,2016Karlheinz Pichler: all kind of Bludenz: Liddy Scheffknecht and Marbod Fritsch.201620 seconds for Art2019Limits2019NWW Design Award2017Adlmüller grant2013Federal Atelier Westbahnstrasse2013Funding from the state of Vorarlberg2011BMUKK start-up grant2010Borderland. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Photo Gallery Vienna in the WUK, Vienna, Austria.2020–2021Would you be available. (Group exhibition). (Artist).2020–2021Attempt at rapprochement. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Georg Kargl Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria.2020Holes that even the snow doesn't cover. (Group exhibition). (Artist), vorarlberg museum, Bregenz, Austria.2020dimensions. (Solo exhibition). (Artist).2020fake & fragment. (Group exhibition). (Artist).2020pictorical space. (Solo exhibition). (Artist), MuseumsQuartier, Vienna, Austria.2020Parallel Vienna. (Art fair). (Artist).2019Home game. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Appenzell (Switzerland).2018–2019points in time. (Solo exhibition). (Artist), Vienna (Austria).2018–2019A Recollection of Resonances. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Linz (Austria).2018Art & Football. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Baku (Azerbaijan).2018Concentration - a tribute. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Vienna (Austria).2018Plinque Projéction II. (Exhibition). (Artist), Paris (France).2018Reduction. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Vienna (Austria).2018mirage. (Solo exhibition). (Artist), Bregenz (Austria).2018Licht 2017. (group exhibition). (Artist), Graz (Austria).2017You want truth or beauty ?. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Saalfelden (Austria).2017don’t call it off-space !. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Vienna (Austria).2017From the collection: Landscape. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Linz (Austria).2016The world in the game. (Group exhibition). (Curator), Graz (Austria).2016Dream argument. (Solo exhibition). (Artist), Saalfelden (Austria).2016FILTER. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Schruns (Austria).2016Hybrid (...) scapes. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Nida (Lithuania).2016SALE ON-SITE. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Lustenau (Austria).2016sciography. (Solo exhibition). (Artist), Vienna (Austria).2016solar days. (Solo exhibition). (Artist), Bludenz (Austria).2016v_are. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Vienna (Austria).2016Landscape: transforming an idea. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Graz (Austria).2015–2016(O) budowa, Liddy Scheffknecht, Jan Mioduszewski. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Warsaw (Poland).2015Blow up. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Berlin (Germany).2015Double-Faced Imagery - A Fugue. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Vienna (Austria).2015PLASTICITY. (Group exhibition). (Curator), Vienna (Austria).2015Random thoughts of a daily light. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Vienna (Austria).2015Rewind / Replay. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Lustenau (Austria).2015Snow salon. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Vienna (Austria).2015SilvrettAtelier 2014. (group exhibition). (Artist), Feldkirch (Austria).2015Transparency. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Vienna (Austria).2015le clair - obscur. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Viry Chatillon (France).2015shift. (Solo exhibition). (Artist), Wels (Austria).2015Blow up. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Vienna (Austria).2014Blow up. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Winterthur (Switzerland).2014How long is now ?. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Burghausen (Denmark).2014Inattentional blindness. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Istanbul (Turkey).2014Keep in touch. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Vienna (Austria).2014PARA. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Vienna (Austria).2014Cross-section - contemporary art from and about Dornbirn. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Dorbirn (Austria).2014côté interior. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Innsbruck (Austria).2014Cardinal King Art Prize. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Salzburg (Austria).2013–2014Elastic Video. (Group exhibition). (Curator), Vienna (Austria).2013Elastic Video. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Vienna (Austria).2013How long is now ?. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Vienna (Austria).2013Phantoms & Ghosts. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Vienna (Austria).2013Pli selon pli. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Paris (France).2013The Intransigent Ticket - The Artist as a filter. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Los Angeles (USA).2013spot. (Solo exhibition). (Artist), Vienna (Austria).2013About failure. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Salzburg (Austria).2013/ TILT /. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Austria.2012–2013Light. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Schruns (Austria).2012–20134th International Sinop Biennale. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Sinop (Turkey).2012Celeste in the mountain. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Innsbruck (Austria).2012Genius loci. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Klaipéda (Lithuania).2012Course. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Austria.2012Sence. (Solo exhibition). (Artist), Maribor (Slovenia).2012The Digital Uncanny. (Group exhibition). (Artist), Oldenburg (Germany).