What does a dragon patronus mean


Screams can be heard. Dragon cries.

(ignore the woman, but not the expression;))

"Arokh, grasp!" You say softly. He doesn't hesitate and attacks the Dementor. He jumps on top of it and lets it dissolve. The danger was eliminated. Arokh looks back briefly, makes sure that you are fine.
He takes a run and flies through the window.

Now it is out. You, (Y / N) (L / N), are the last person to have a dragon as Patronus. There hasn't been one for centuries. It should be kept secret. Such a dangerous power shouldn't fall into the wrong hands.

All the students sit or lie on the floor, out of breath. You turn around quickly and bend down to the girl you saved.
"Are you okay?" You ask worriedly.
She just nods weakly. Your stomach is bleeding.
"Wait, I'll help you! Episkey!", With this saying you let the wound grow shut.

The spell is not enough to completely heal the wound, but it is not life threatening.

"(Y / N), I have to speak to you!"
You turn around and see Jungkook looking at you expectantly. You nod and follow him. The doors are open in the meantime and help is provided to the students.

He's taking you to the girls' bathroom. "Tae, the air is clear!", Jungkook yells in the direction of the cabins.
Immediately he appears before you.
"Hi," he says with a grin. You smile at him.
"Tell her what you told me!" He says commandingly.

You look back and forth between them in confusion.
"Dumbledore is not who we think he is," Taehyung says seriously.
"How do you mean?"
"Because of him, the hour escalated. He strengthened the Dementor, made him resistant to everything. Except the dragon patronus. Who is expecting it? Nobody. I watched him do it. Thought he would do something else," he explains to you.

"Ha, I knew it. Aha, I knew it. Who is that good? Me!", You scream with a laugh and fidget around happily.
You only get questioning looks.
"As soon as we arrived I had a strange feeling. What should we do now?" You ask.

"Make Taehyung human!" Says Jungkook.
"How?" You ask, confused.
"There is a potion that dissolves all curses," explains Tae.
"Great, we'll do it then!" You scream happily.

"If it doesn't work, it dies," adds Jungkook.

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