What are some popular Turkish names

Meaning of Turkish names

To find out the meaning of German first names, you usually have to research a special name dictionary. Turkish names, on the other hand, often have meanings that come from the language of the present. So you can often look up the meaning of Turkish first names in the dictionary.

It is more difficult to infer the gender of the name bearer from the first name. In contrast to other languages, endings do not help either. Turkish names on -a or -i may sound similar to Emma and Lina, Sophie or Leni. That is why they are far from female. Necati are only called men, and Tolga is also a clearly masculine given name - tolga means “battle ax” in Turkish and this is of course reserved for the stronger sex in a patriarchal society.

There are at least some very vague guidelines: When the syllable Nile appears in a name such as Nilüfer or Nilgün, she is undoubtedly a woman; wherever the two letters he written, a man is usually hiding. No wonder, because in Turkish “he” means nothing else than that: man. There is Alper, the “war man”, Özer, the “real man”, but also Ilker and Soner - the first and last man. … The guideline with “he” is unfortunately not very reliable, because there are many female first names with this syllable.

That is already confusing enough, but also many names are gender neutral: Sümer, Aydin, Aydan, Bülent - both men and women can be called that.

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