How do I challenge myself to learn

I challenge you!

A first idea about that ??? C # challenge I already gave you here. The motto of my challenge is:

To practice. Learn. Implement. - Professional software development with C # using the example.

So it's about getting a task and practicing how to implement a project on your own. Since it is not that easy, especially with the first projects, you have me at your side to consolidate tools, methods, object orientation and of course syntax and learn them if necessary.

Here is a first foretaste of the three pillars:

  • Practice - Much of what you learn about software development at the beginning (syntax, object orientation, testing, ...) is initially only theoretical. To use it safely in practice, you need practice. This is exactly what this challenge is about. It should be like a great exercise for you. I give you a few small tasks every dayto be solved. This can be, for example: "Define a class x and consider which attributes and methods it needs based on this problem description." or: "Implement method Y so that it does the following ..." That sounds too easy? Excellent! Of course you can get started without my help and only look at me when you get stuck.
  • Learning - You learn how to get from the task to the finished application with professional software development. While we the ???-Application create, you can look over my shoulder and see how I get a first out of the task Rough design create, us User stories for day-to-day work as I define Classes and objects create and of course all this in Source code pack. I take a small step every day so that you have time to understand it.
  • Implementation - For me, the greatest advantages of a challenge are that I can stick to a topic and get results. That's exactly what I wish you to do too. Especially at the beginning I often felt like throwing everything in the corner because it is sometimes annoying and takes a lot of time to search for everything on the Internet. We are on the road together in this challenge. So it's easier yourself to motivate and help each other. After all, there is nothing cooler than saying after a while: "My application is up and running and I'm proud of it!"

I hope that by the way a great community will be created that will be able to do a few more projects together in the future.

Have you already registered (without obligation and free of charge)?
NO? Then you should do this now!

I won't give you the specific example yet. A little hint? Okay: “The ??? stand for it! "

I won't say anything more at first. The whole thing starts in exactly 20 days. So if you don't have any plans on June 22nd, 2016, I'll be waiting for you to open the challenge in the “virtual laboratory”.

Until then, I'll be posting more and more articles and videos on the ??? Publish a C # challenge.

Have fun, see you