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Translation of "zur Umarmung" in English

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Compete to hug! Left around and one, two ...
Kisses and hugs and so on.
Share this article: Now the sweater to hug ready...
Share this article: Our Christmas jumper is getting ready for hugs...
When you are lonely, a good tango gives you pleasure to hug: just like that, with friends or enemies.
When you are lonely, a good tango will make you want to embrace someone - a future lover, a friend, or an enemy.
648. The "fiery embrace" signifies the formation of a planet when a set of chemical aggregates are their cooperative forces to hug of fire.
The "fiery embrace" signifies the formation of a planet when a complex of chemical aggregates sends forth its cooperation toward the embrace of Fire.
In this friendship with people in need, what Pope Francis said to us is lived: Those who help mix with those who get help in a tension that to hug becomes.
In this friendship with who is in need, as Pope Francis said to us, who help is confused with who is helped, in a tension that becomes to embrace.
I sing this name as happily as a fiddle that is actually a plow: I have to face the pain that comes from the arms of the sea to to hug the wind looks after me.
I sing that name, joyful as the violin which is plow: encounter of my human pain is still to come. From the sea's arm to the arm of the wind they look for me to break the tolerance of dusk in my mouth.
The city continued to hug and soon enclosed the park and the lake without crushing them, the area developed into one of the preferred addresses in Berlin.
The city soon grew around both park and lake without smothering them, and the area came to be considered one of Berlin's top addresses.
Thespios gave the young hero one of his 50 daughters every night for 50 days to hug, of which 50 sons were born on it.
The hunt for the lion lasted fifty days, and during each night of the hunt Heracles slept with each of the fifty daughters, who in turn each gave birth to one son.

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May the Blessed Virgin Mary accompany us until to renewing hug with Divine Mercy.
May the Virgin Mary accompany us until the regenerating embrace with Divine Mercy.
Even if this unique confessor apparently treated the pilgrims with harshness, they almost always returned, conscious of the grave sin and genuinely repentant to conciliate hug of sacramental forgiveness.
Even when that unusual confessor treated pilgrims with apparent severity, the latter, becoming conscious of the gravity of sins and sincerely repentant, almost always came back for the peaceful embrace of sacramental forgiveness.
a stepping stone to childlike hug with the father!
Here Adorno tries to show how Brecht's or Sartre's political engagement creates a smooth transition to blind hug an order that characterizes an authoritarian state.
Adorno seeks to show how Brechtean or Sartrean political engagement could shade gradually over into the unquestioning embrace of order that marks an authoritarian state.
And so it can happen that a mere Hug to most powerful weapon will.
Peru: Hugs for Combating bullying at school | Terre des hommes
Peru: Hugs to fight against bullying in schools | Terre des hommes
The line in gres porcellanato stone from Borgogna welcomes the classic style of the stone with an ideal Hug to Technology CERDISA possibility to alternate the rooms creating.
The line in gres porcellanato Pietra di Borgogna welcomes in an ideal embrace the classical style of the stone to the technology CERDISA creating varied possibilities to live the spaces.
Hand on shoulder, hug.
She's very touchy-feely, hand on the shoulder, lots of hugs.
Afternoon with 12 cast-offs, Hugs.
It's afternoon now, with 12 good morning high-fives, hugs.
Not every veteran wants one hug.
Not everybody came back from the war wanting a hug.
I don't want any of your cold, machine-like ones Hugs.
I don't want one of your cold, machine-like hugs.
Come on, a big one hug.
Come on, give me a big hug.
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