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4 love songs on the piano that even beginners can learn

Many of the world's greatest hits, maybe most of them, are love songs. All the better that many of these love songs are relatively easy to play on the piano, even for beginners - including the four songs in this post.

4 love songs on the piano for beginners:

"Perfect" by Ed Sheeran (2017)

Ed Sheeran's love song “Perfect” is still very popular at parties. The song seems rather simple at first glance, but it keeps the romantic mood from the first to the last note.

In contrast to other songs, “Perfect” is all in one 6/4 time written, while so far you've probably mainly dealt with 4/4 time. The main beats in each measure are divided into three areas, which gives the song the characteristic romantic effect that can be found in many love songs. As you play this song, you will quickly notice how the beat makes the listener move to the rhythm.

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"Angels" by The xx (2012)

In “Angels” by The xx, significantly more notes and musical phrases are repeated than in other songs. Both the chorus and stanzas revolve around the same group of three notes. This vividly conveys the feeling of being trapped in an emotional cage.

The sluggish atmosphere of the song offers space to vary the tempo in order to achieve a dramatic effect. The arpeggios (the chord tones played one after the other) are easy to learn. By repeating these notes over and over, you will have plenty of opportunity to practice until you can play the sequence perfectly.

Whenever the chorus kicks in, you can try to slightly adjust the tempo of your arpeggios. With these subtle changes, the song comes to life and your listeners will notice that it is a love song. Really a great love song for the piano!

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"My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion (1997)

“My Heart Will Go On”, the song from James Cameron's blockbuster Titanic and 1998 winner of the Academy Award for the best song, has delighted many listeners for decades.

But not only was “My Heart Will Go On” a big hit, it's also a romantic, easy song for beginners on the piano. Most of the notes in the song are close together. The almost ominous expression of the melody allows the left hand to move slowly from chord to chord, this minimal movement suits beginners very well.

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"Love Story" by Taylor Swift (2008)

Even though Taylor Swift is now a global pop star, she started her career in the country field and most of her early songs were catchy love ballads.

In terms of the text, “Love Story” is a modern version of “Romeo and Juliet”. Each verse begins with the last note (major seventh) of the major scale. This creates a feeling of romantic hope throughout.

After the calm flow of the slower songs, “Love Story” is sure to be a bit of a challenge. But the feeling of happiness you will have when you can play all the notes and rhythms is definitely worth it. At first, your fingers may not be able to handle Taylor Swift's rhythms as well. So try to play the melody slowly first before adding the left hand chords.

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Serenade play with love songs for beginners

In addition to the great opportunity to serenade your sweetheart, while learning love songs you will understand at the same time how the composition of a song is basically structured. Don't you even want to write one yourself? If, while practicing, you play a lot of love songs that already exist, you may soon have an idea to turn your own experiences into music.

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