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Urbex Photography (eBook, PDF)

The word "Urbex", a contraction of "Urban" and "Exploration", is a movement that began in the 1990s. This activity - often unauthorized - consists of exploring places that are inaccessible to the general public. The city becomes a playground on a grand scale. Urbex photographers report on their explorations with their pictures and offer insights into unknown worlds. The experienced Urbexer Philippe Sergent systematically explains which preparations are necessary for an Urbex photo tour, which equipment, knowledge and recording techniques help to create impressive photos and how they can be optimized in image processing. In numerous making-ofs he presents abandoned places in France, Belgium and Germany and gives the reader an insight into the history of the creation of the photographs. The book is rounded off by guest contributions from five other photographers and their photographic work. From the content: - Equipment and accessories - Planning and researching the locations - Recording technology, focusing and exposure (long exposure) - Image processing (raw development, HDR, black and white) - 16 photos and their making-ofs - Guest contributions from five other Urbexers

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