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How to delete online accounts you no longer need

Peter Stelzel-Morawietz

Sometimes it's just a particularly cheap offer that directs users to an online shop where they can only buy with one customer account. Sometimes it is a service that was used in the past but is no longer needed. Over time, a number of accounts for various shops accumulate. This gives you a better overview.

EnlargeDelete online accounts that are no longer required

The fact is that many Internet users have dozens or even hundreds of online accounts, a significant number of which they no longer need. On the one hand, this jumble makes it difficult to get an overview of the accounts; on the other hand, the many accounts also reduce the level of security. Because quite a few users still use the same or similar passwords for multiple accounts. However, the greater the number, the greater the likelihood of data theft. It is therefore advisable to delete all the online accounts that you no longer need.

EnlargeDeleting online accounts is sometimes not easy. The specialized service "Just Delete me" helps and also has useful tips.

Unfortunately, it is not that simple in practice. In contrast to creating an account, which takes just a few clicks of the mouse, the option to delete it is either hidden somewhere in the system or not possible online - after all, the services want to keep their customers. Then you have to call support, “ask” for the account to be deleted and hope that it will actually be carried out. Anyone who has tried to delete even ten accounts in this way knows how difficult it is.

The Just Delete me online service will help you here. It links the respective procedure for deleting an account for several hundred popular websites, assigns it to one of four levels of difficulty from "easy" to "impossible" and sometimes provides it with additional information. For example, the online game distributor EA Origin says: “Contact support to request the deletion. If you are outside of the US, this has to be done by phone. ”Such verified information saves you from clicking your way through the provider website or the Internet for half an hour on your own. Just Delete me even offers an extension for direct deletion for the Chrome browser.

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