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The top auto insurance companies for car insurance in the United States include some well-known names like Progressive, Nationwide, Liberty Mutual, GEICO, Farmers, State Farm and Allstate among many other regional favorites. However, they did not get all of the prizes from consumers. How can these big names compare when consumers are insured with them after their experience, or even more importantly in a claim?

Don't you want to know? Fortunately, there is a survey that measures just that and would share those results with you here.

What does one insurance company do better than another?

The best answer to that is what suits and needs best for your lifestyle. While many people tend to be influenced by advertising and word of mouth, others tend to go with well-known brand names or impress with the size of an auto insurer and try to go for the biggest. In reality, because many of these companies use local services and local agents or franchises before going on what your impression is of an insurance company or how big they are, it is always worthwhile to see what the consumer is reporting or independent consumer surveys are telling you about how your car insurance is counting in your area.

The top auto insurance in your state may surprise you

Insurance is a human intervention and service business and this is where the human touch will often make or break what you get. Working with an amazing claims adjuster or insurance broker or agent your experience will definitely be way better than average .

Going well through the JD Power Auto Insurance Customer Satisfaction Study (2015) for you below. Do you see your auto insurer in the results? How is your insurance company ranked?

You'll find your answers here.

Which car insurance offers you the best service and price in your area.

Research like this can be especially important when moving into a new field. Your experience with your car insurance in one place may not be the same experience elsewhere due to the different factors by region. If we go through the results, we see that no one insurer has dominated the country.

Has your premium car insurance gone up? You'll also find out how your insurance company compares on price

This list may also be able to help you evaluate if youre getting the best deal on car insurance and give you an indication of whether it is worth changing your car insurance policy to get money for Save on your car insurance.

Do you want to know which is the best car insurance in your state?

J.D. Power rated car insurance companies based on independent and unbiased consumer surveys for customer satisfaction in the following five categories:

  1. General satisfaction
  2. Policy Offerings
  3. price
  4. Billing and payment
  5. Interaction and demands

The following are the award-winning auto insurance companies listed by region based on the latest 2015 data from The JD Power Consumer Survey. If your auto insurance company didn't get the award, you could click the link for your region to see how your insurance company ranks. I also commented where an insurance company didn't necessarily get the award but still got the top spot for claims. Sometimes getting the best price is not always the most important aspect of your auto insurance policy, so I encourage you to click through your region link to see the full report.

USAA Insurance * Has ranked high in many areas

It is noteworthy that USAA Insurance has been ranked equally as an award-winning recipient in some regions because it is only for the US military and their families, it was not considered for the general accessibility award. I have indicated in the raffle line where USAA was ranked equally with an asterisk (*).

In these cases, if you are eligible for USAA insurance, it is certainly worth a look, especially since USAA also offers home insurance, pet insurance, and many other specialty programs.

Best car insurance company as rated by consumers of the state in an independent study

California Top Rated Auto Insurance Company

  • Wawanesa won the award

Notable mention should go to The Hartford, which scored very high as well as Auto Club of Southern California Insurance Group, both of these companies had top claims satisfaction rankings, and scored well in the other areas of the survey.

Southeast United States region

  • Tennessee Farm Bureau won the award *


Southwest United States Region had two winners

Well worth trying out the reviews to get a better feel for winners in this region. There were two awards given here:

  • The Hartford won the award
  • State Farm also won the award

State Farm was stronger on billing and payment, as well as interactions reviews. The Hartford Claims satisfaction rating was the best. A tough choice, but worth knowing the dates.

Northwest USA Prize Winner *

Florida Award Winner *

It is noteworthy that both Metlife and Liberty Mutual have the top ratings for Claims Satisfaction in Florida as well, but not consistently rated, in the other categories.

Central United States Auto Insurance Award Winner *

Auto Owners Insurance

In this region it was noteworthy that none of the other contenders in the study received a top rating for this condition (with the exception of USAA, as indicated by the asterisk (*)).

Best New York Auto Insurance According to Consumers *

What's interesting here is that the claims survey rating wasn't the highest for State Farm, but overall ratings would be why it won the nominee award in the New York area with the top damage rating was Travelers The Award.

The best North Central US auto insurance company by consumers *

Auto owner insurance

The Hartford and Nationwide achieved top ratings in claims service for North Central USA as well as USAA.

The best New England car insurance rated by consumers * Amica Mutual received the award for first class service across the board.

Erie Insurance won the top-rated award.

The results have been very impressive for Erie Insurance when compared to the other insurance companies in the region. Their promise of insurance (since 1925), stating the following values, was impressive: Rooted in the principles of honesty, decency, service and affordability. They also work with independent insurance agents.

It's also noteworthy that NJM Insurance Co. also scored top ranks across the board, but they only offer coverage for limited clients like New Jersey Business & amp; Industry Association members, State of New Jersey employees, and only those with specific underwriting criteria - therefore, they don't qualify for the award, but definitely deserve mention as the top rated insurer in the area. If you qualify for insurance through them, it is worth checking out.

Get local consumer info about insurance company experiences in order to choose the best car insurance

This completes my review of the JD Power study, which provides valuable insight into how consumers from state to state feel about the service and coverage they get from their car insurance.

The most interesting aspect is that the different insurance companies seem to have their strengths in different regions and also that the market share of the largest insurance companies would not necessarily get if you were moving from one place to another or even wondering how your insurance company is doing has dealt with the public, it pays to check local consumer opinions to understand. German:. English: How to get the insurance that will offer you the best price and service.