How respected are authors who publish themselves

Are self-publishing authors respected in the writing world?

The short answer is, no, self-publishing authors are not respected in the writing world. However, the wording of your question shows part of the reason why not.

Your question relates to RESPECT from two groups (1) The 'Writing World' and (2) 'Authors'. This is indicative of the academically biased psyche of a typical aspiring writer. A "normal" person wants financial reward over respect. The "respect" you speak of is the same respect you have expected from your school teacher and colleagues.

"Well-written" is a peer review and disapproval term that isn't particularly on a commercial publisher's agenda. Writing by Dan Brown, Stephanie Meyer, or EL James is generally considered terrible. James Patterson is pretty terrible too. . . he doesn't even write his own books. Publishers are "for profit" businesses that benefit from volume. They are not interested in publishing "good books". You are looking for writers whose personal stories can be sold.

Once upon a time it was an expensive business and only publishers could publish. That way, publishers could determine what was published. Any writer who had the finances to publish his own work (Vanity Publishing) was frowned upon - how dare he bypass us, the gatekeepers, this work is not approved!

I've been to third base with major publishers more than once. "Well written" was never an issue. "We'd like to market this to teens so they can remove the masturbation scene." "We love this story, but we're concerned about the number of children killed."

The digital age brought a whole new set of problems for commercial publishers - anyone could publish for virtually free. Amanda Hocking was the original self-published queen. The turnover of her e-books reached 10,000 copies per day. The publisher's problem is that under normal circumstances an author of her reputation was offered around 7% of the cover price. Hocking through self-publishing brought in 70%. It took her 2,000,000 pounds to get her out of the self-publishing business.

But this story is not new. We recognize the plot from the music industry. The Internet and MP3s decimated the record companies. Literature is just a little slow.


Yes, if there's one thing teenagers hate it's masturbation.