It is rude to stop anger

Subject self-hatred: why you shouldn't offend anyone

Laughing at or teasing is rude, mean, and pointless. But did you know that this can have dire consequences?

For example, if you laugh at someone because you think their jacket is ugly, they will become insecure and may no longer dare to wear what they want. Or he thinks his taste in clothes is worth less than yours. But there is no right and wrong, everyone thinks something else is beautiful and that's a good thing!

This is a risky thing, especially with children / adolescents. At this age it is often only at this age that you find out what you like. Children and young people are generally at risk of criticizing themselves or comparing them with others.

Then when you experience criticism and teasing, maybe even bullying, it gets worse.

The consequence

  • is often that you hate parts of yourself: e.g. hair, figure, hobbies, taste in music. You think it's wrong or not good to be who you are.

Self-hatred means that you are so dissatisfied with one or more parts of yourself (e.g. appearance, interests, voice, ...) that you hate yourself as a person. Doesn't sound healthy, does it?

It is not either. Self-hatred can have serious consequences.

  • often get sick
  • You get mental illnesses like depression,
  • Fear of other people,
  • Panic disorder
  • Some have bad habits that harm themselves by venting their anger on themselves.

Most of the children who offend others do not think of such consequences.

Stop it! It doesn't help anyone if you tell the person sitting next to you that their jacket is ugly or that you think their favorite films are stupid. Do you think he's changing his taste just because of you? Or does he attract extra things that HE doesn't like just because YOU like them better?

It doesn't hurt when someone wears a shirt that you don't think is nice. It doesn't do you any harm if the person sitting next to you at home watches a series that you find childish. But it hurts the person when you laugh at them for it.

Just let others live in peace and live your own life.