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Utrecht: tips and sights. The better Amsterdam?

The Dutch city of Utrecht is often left behind by tourists. Wrongly! The student city is an absolute insider tip for us. Our Utrecht tips. We'll take you to the city that is often called the better Amsterdam and give you our tips for your city trip to Utrecht.

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Utrecht is actually still a real insider tip. Although the Lonely Planet once named the city one of the most underrated travel destinations, little has changed so far.

Utrecht is a fantastically beautiful city and definitely doesn't need to hide from Amsterdam.

We were in Utrecht for a weekend and in this article we will show you what awaits you there.

If you are looking for an alternative to a city trip to Amsterdam, Utrecht is definitely a hot tip!

And if you don't want to do without Amsterdam, then you can also combine Utrecht with it.

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Utrecht: sights and tips

Utrecht has about 300,000 inhabitants. The city center is manageable, but not so small that you can see everything in an hour. There is a lot to discover.

Utrecht is a perfect destination for a weekend. In two days you can see the most important things and also have time to simply enjoy the city, mingle with the locals, sit by the water and have a drink.

But Utrecht is also definitely worth a day trip from Amsterdam. You can see most of the city's sights in one day, but you will have to forego simply enjoying the city in peace and relaxing by the water.

Utrecht and its canals

If you like the canals in Amsterdam, you will love the one in Utrecht. Life in the city takes place on warm summer days by the water, on the water and even in the water.

Utrecht's lifeline is that Oudegrachtthat stretches in an arc around the old town. The shore is lined with numerous restaurants and bars, which are jam-packed in the evenings.

In summer all of Utrecht seems to gather on the canals. Families and friends come together here, bring tables and chairs and simply move their dinner right to the water. The children are on and in the water in rubber dinghies and everyone is having fun without any worries. Holland!

You can also explore the Oudegracht very well from the water. The best thing to do is borrow a kayak and paddle around Utrecht. There are also pedal boats and if you are lazy you can of course sit on board a motorized boat.

Utrecht and its churches

The towers high above the old town Utrecht Cathedral. The tallest church tower in Holland can be seen from almost everywhere, so you always have a good point for orientation.

Unfortunately, you can only get to the tower as part of a one-hour tour, which you can book at the tourist information office right next to the cathedral. The best thing to do is to reserve an appointment directly online, as you can then determine your preferred time yourself.

She's really pretty too Janskerk. From the outside, the church looks relatively unspectacular and it is also not richly decorated on the inside. But that is precisely what makes this church so attractive. It is bright and friendly and does not look as oppressive as many other churches.

In general, the casual way the Dutch deal with their churches is absolutely great. A church in the city center was quickly converted into an apartment building, another church now houses a pub. Something like that would be unthinkable in Germany.

Utrecht and its wonderful shops

Along the Oudegracht between Hamburgerstraat and Vrouwjuttenstraat is the Antiques and Second Hand Mile Utrecht. If you love browsing junk shops or flea markets, then this corner of the city is your paradise.

From clothes to books to real antiques, you can find everything your heart desires in the numerous shops.

Speaking of books: there are bookshops all over Utrecht. Unfortunately, small bookshops have almost disappeared from German cities, and the printed book business seems to be still flourishing in Holland.

Korte Smeestraat

The Korte Smeestraat is not a very big highlight, but it is a well-hidden insider tip in Utrecht.

Signs for an art project were put up at the house entrances in the early 1990s. On one side it says “Evening Time is reading time”, with the roller shutter going a little further down on each sign. On the other side there is a note about the profession of the person who used to live in this house.

The story behind these signs was told to us by an elderly lady who was happy that we took photos of the signs. We'd probably never have found out on our own.

Overnight in Utrecht: Our hotel tips

We have in Utrecht im Eye Hotel spent the night. The small design hotel is in a perfect location on the edge of the old town. The rooms are really great and we felt very comfortable here. Of course there is also fast internet. Something else that the Dutch can do better than many hotels in Germany.

For 12.50 euros you can also get breakfast at the Eye Hotel. There is no buffet, but you are still wonderfully full. There is delicious coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice, a bread basket with white bread and croissants, some cheese and ham, jam, a boiled egg and yogurt with muesli.

To the Eye Hotel Utrecht

Arrival in Utrecht

You can get to Utrecht very easily by train. The rail system in Holland is very well developed and you can get from one city to another quickly and easily.

Trains run from Amsterdam to Utrecht approximately every 10-20 minutes. The journey only takes about 30 minutes and costs 7.50 euros, so you can easily take a day trip to Utrecht from Amsterdam. It is also not far to Rotterdam from Utrecht and the city also has some very beautiful sights to offer

You can check the current travel times on the website of the Dutch railways. Unfortunately you can only book tickets online with a Dutch bank account. But you can easily get a ticket from the machines in the train station. You have to validate the ticket at the entrance gates before entering the station.

Have you ever been to Utrecht? Tell us what you experienced there and which places you can recommend there. We look forward to your tips in our comments.