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The Italian daily newspapers

An Italian newspaper kiosk
Nico Paix

An Italian newspaper kiosk
Photo: Nico Paix

The distribution of the Italian daily newspapers:

In Italy, as in Germany, the circulation of daily newspapers has been falling for a number of years, a trend that is not offset by the increasing number of subscriptions to the digital editions of newspapers.

In the year 2013 were daily in Italy just under 4 million Daily newspapers sold a year 2015 was the number of copies sold on 2.8 million sunk. Another decline was made 2017 listed than just yet 2.2 million Copies were sold. However, this decline was partially offset by an increasing number of digital editions of daily newspapers.

The digital editions are taken into account in the following information about the number of copies.

The major national daily newspapers:

Thematically specialized national daily newspapers:

Some important regional daily newspapers:

More about the Italian media:

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