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Gratitude - The solution to regain your strength & to instantly improve your mood.

In moments of bad mood, depressed mood, lovesickness, anger, arguments, in times of bad news, helplessness, worries and fear of how to proceed, one is sometimes trapped in one's own feelings and thoughts. You judge the Lookon the problem. All your thoughts revolve around the problem, the situation or the event that you are Not want to experience. You only see what you think is right now and you Notwould like to have. You only see your illness, the argument, the loss and all the negative emotions that it brings with it. Maybe you are just simply dissatisfied with something and your thoughts are constantly revolving around what makes you unhappy. If I had more money, then ... If I lived in the country, then ... If my parents had only loved me and not so humiliated ... If my partner were like this ... If I could finally achieve this and that professionally , then ..

Maybe you have been fired or you just can't find a job and focus your thoughts on the desperation of not being able to afford all the things that could make you happy and would get you out of this low. You direct your gaze on the partner who left you and on the hole that he has left. Your heart hurts so much Not only do you feel abandoned, but you may also feel guilty or worthless, maybe just simply helpless. You have argued again, maybe with your children or a friend and you cannot let this argument rest. Your thoughts are constantly circling, maybe about the stupidity of the other person, but maybe also full of guilt about the things you said and didn't want to say at all. Yours thoughtscircle, offer you but easynosolutionthat you can feel better.


There would be an infinite number of more situations that could happen and that lead to us supposedly losing our happiness or being torn out of our trust and our positive mood. Before the argument, loss, or situation occurred, your world was okay, but now? Maybe it's just the hormones, and you can't get out of bed in the morning, would like to just lie around all day and distract yourself with movies and books. Hopeless, helpless, lethargic, angry, sad - the first thing most people do is look for a solution in their head. You start to think about it. To sift through your wealth of experience, to play through solution ideas.

It may work for some of us, they focus immediately on their potential, they know that everything will be fine, that they can do anything - great, just don't change anything. Some of you will tend to imagine your very personal horror scenarios, dissolve in self-pity or hopelessness, look to the other person to blame or devote yourself to the if-then-thoughts. Presumably none of this will make you feel better.


Things happen - in this article I want to go into less the why than more about what you can do to regain your strength and see solutions quickly.


Perhaps best with an example. You have a great job, your colleagues are nice, it fills you up and brings you a good income. You will be fired because of staff cuts. You still have three months and then you stand there ... In the next few days you will go through your very personal emotional hell. Anger, sadness, fear of how things should go on, a feeling of worthlessness, self-pity, envy of the people who are better off and certainly a whole series of personal feelings flood you, drag you along and whirl you back and forth.

Maybe you are one of those people who suddenly do Blows of fate as chance see as an opportunity to change something for the better, as an opportunity to learn something, as an opportunity to enter a new phase of life, to have a new experience. It is easy for you to adapt to the circumstances, because what does the turbulent outside world mean?, You are firm in yourself, tied to the divine power that flows through all of us and simply an optimist who loves and wants to live life in all its facets. Perfect, then there won't be much new for you to find in this article.

I definitely want to mention that I am still on my way and learn something new every day. But for professional reasons, I work as a spiritual coach in my Berlin practice, I sit down with the possibilities we have to deal better with changes, strokes of fate, depressive moods, an unhappy childhood, times without energy, etc., or to overcome them , apart

This article is not about drawing such events into our own lives because we want to learn something. Or because all too often we focus our thoughts / attention on the things we don't like rather than our goals and the things we like. More on this in this report: "You draw what you think into your life".

Fittingly, I love a quote from Henry Ford: “Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are right!

Most of you would not be helped either, but would feel guilty for what happened to you or what happened, but that is not what it is meant to be. This is about a whole simple toolthat you can apply in any situation that is stressful for you. This little trick, Used correctly and seriously, it helps you to regain your strength in minutes and to become open again to new solutions. The veil can be lifted!


Be grateful for the good things in your life that are here right now!


This Change of look enables you, you instantlybetter to feel. Let's stick with the example of people who have lost their jobs and who are now full of worries, fears, and perhaps also the feeling of worthlessness. (A heavy, dense energy pulls him down!) If he can manage to look around himself and his friends, family, his dog, his apartment, his plants, the memories of his travels, his wedding, the birth of his first Child, to perceive his favorite book, the coffee on the corner, a favorite place in the park, all the small and big things that make his life wonderful, then he will be able to transform his current worried, depressed feeling into a hopeful feeling. Maybe he can think of all the situations that he didn't like in his previous job and he can focus on what he has always wanted. Perhaps the time has now come for a change? To take a new direction or to finally go on a trip around the world ... (anticipation and gratitude feel easy, this high-vibrating energy pulls upwards, towards new goals, towards happiness and satisfaction!)

You are currently sad, lonely, helpless, fearful, angry, worried, desperate. Here yours very personally firstHelpmeasure: JudgeYoursLookontheThings, which is beautiful right now at this momentare in your life, in your environment and on you. Take this moment, wander through your apartment or mentally through your life and look around! But only look at them for as long as you think, that is beautiful, the color is wonderful, that is great, that makes me happy, I am grateful that I have that, that I know him, that I will experience that have. Take little things, see the flowers on the windowsill, the coffee cup on the kitchen table, the picture on the wall or just wonderful memories of happy events. Focus on your pet, someone in your life, a trip, a sporting event, a celebration ... What do you like about yourself? Your smile, your eyes, your hands? What kind of ability do you like about yourself? Do you play an instrument? Do you enjoy reading? Can you cook well? Do you like dancing? What beautiful things have you already experienced in your life? What always went well? Walk in your thoughts through your apartment, through your life, what do you like? Walk through your neighborhood, the park, the village, what do you like? Experiencethefeelingthegratitude for all the beautiful things, creatures, and events in your life. Be grateful for all that you already have!

This exercise is about looking at things only as long as they fill you with happiness and gratitude. As soon as the slightest negative thought or doubt arises, immediately move on to the next event that makes you happy in your life and experience how it fills you with gratitude. If you are a restless person and have little experience with meditation or inner calm, then retire to a quiet place for this exercise. Otherwise, you can really do this exercise anywhere.

At the end of the exercise, after you have charged yourself with all the wonderful things and experienced events in your life for quite a while, watch how you are doing. How your posture has changed. Do you sit more upright? Does your heart feel freer? Perceive all this positive energy in you and now turn your gaze to your current problem. What has changed?

If you are still angry and grumpy answering: "Nothing!" Then realize that it is Your decision is whether you want to wallow in your problem in a bad mood (want to be the poor, poor victim) or whether you want to improve and feel good about yourself. And then with the hopefully positive decision you do the exercise of gratitude again! Really get involved with the wonderful things that are already there in your life, perceive them with all your senses. Call friends to help you remember. Leafing through old photo albums ... Find your personal resources that will bring you all the beautiful to see what's there right now.

When I am filled with gratitude for all the wonderful things, I can even be grateful for a problem that makes me grow. I notice that in this positive mood I become open to solutions. I can really perceive how feelings of worry, anger, sadness and fear stop the flow of energy and how I collapse. I become almost immobile and go into a rigidity in which nothing can happen but suffering. The Align more grateful thoughts on all the beautiful things in my life are like little plants that stretch their roots and leaves towards life, towards the good, towards the solutions. The grateful thoughts make me stand up, more powerful and suddenly I can Doors perceive that yourself to open. I have ideas ideas that fall into me. I feel with the universe vbound and can accept the help the world gives me.

The great thing about this one thoughtsSwitch from “I feel so bad” to “I am grateful for all the beautiful things that are already there” is that it charges you. Charges with the strength and energy that you need to solve your problem, to change your situation or to process something sad.


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Have you ever seen how you feel better when you think of the beautiful things in your life with gratitude? How do you deal with sad, worried situations? I am very happy about comments!

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