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In Switzerland, there has recently been a new, independent cat breeding association, the Native-Swiss Cat Club NSCC

The Native-Swiss Cat Club has set itself the following goals:

1. Promote healthy breed cats and their standard (not extreme)

2. Education and promotion of chipping and neutering of lovers cats

3. Further training opportunities and personal responsibility of the breeders

4. Only cat lovers and breeders who live in Switzerland can become members.

5. We promote the cooperation of the breeders with the project Swiss Cat Channel www.Swiss-cat-channel.npage.ch

6. Double membership in different clubs is not allowed, we would like to avoid multipliers and double-track litters for breeders.

Many more points for the welfare of cats and for the joy of the hobby cats (breeders and lovers) are planned.

Membership opportunities. Active = breeder or passive / supporting member = not breeder.



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