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Fairytale Odyssey: Land of Stories - The search for the magic of your dreams

I love fairy tales. And I think that classic fairy tales still belong in the children's room. Yes, even if they seem cruel at times. Because fairy tales have nothing to do with reality. There is only good and bad here. This shows what is right and what is wrong. And at the end there is always a happy ending.

But what if the fairy tales were told where the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen & Co. left off? Land of Stories - The search for the magic of dreams Chris Colfer grants a look behind the scenes of the fairy tale world and shows how two children from our reality would experience it.

A fabulous children's book for fans of fairy tales from the age of 10.

This is what Land of Stories is all about - The search for the magic of your dreams

Alex and her twin brother Conner suffer from the death of their father. He is not at their side with his advice and encouraging stories, nor can the family afford their old life. The mother works around the clock, she cannot even take her children's birthday off.

When the siblings were given an old book for their birthday, they had no idea that the big book was a portal into a magical realm. You find yourself in a world in which there are not only good fairies and enchanted princes, but also an evil pack of wolves and an even worse queen. Unfortunately, the matter of good and bad is not that simple.

Because in all the years after the happy ending, the fairy tale creatures have developed a life of their own, which puts the twins in some tricky situations. That's why they'd rather go home as soon as possible - but how? In a mysterious diary there is the solution for a magic wish. But even the evil queen is after the ingredients ...

It's a fabled spell that requires a whole list of utensils - and if you put all the items together, you are supposedly granted a wish. No matter how fancy it is, the magic wish will make it come true.

Froggy, the Enchanted Frog - Page 141

Land of Stories - The search for the magic of your dreams is the prelude to a series of fairy tales with 6 volumes, read in the audio book by Rufus Beck, and is currently being filmed.

And they lived happily ever after

What actually happens when a fairy tale is over? What if Cinderella got her glass shoe back and the prince on top? In Land of Stories we find out: She lives with her prince in a castle, is expecting her first child and has opened a Cinderella Museum, in which you can marvel at all fairy-tale objects from history, from glass shoes to brooms to mice.

In Land of Stories not only looks behind the scenes of the fairy tale world and its main protagonists, but also explains the background of the various actions. Everything is not always black and white. Like the evil queen, for example, who had an understandable reason for her bad deeds.

“The world will always prefer convenience to truth,” insists the wicked queen. “And it is more convenient and easier to hate, blame, and fear than it is to understand. Nobody wants to hear what it really was like; people want to be entertained. "

The Evil Queen, page 509

And that's exactly where Alex and Conner find their way into fairy tale land. The search for the eight ingredients for the magic of dreams leads the siblings through the whole fairy tale land as well as into the realm of fairies, trolls and mermaids. And there are dangers lurking around every corner. Sometimes so precarious that you work up a sweat while reading.

Well-known fairy tale characters provide surprises

We meet Little Red Riding Hood, who has made herself queen and rules the first wolf-free kingdom. Or to Sleeping Beauty, who no longer sleeps because she has so much to catch up on. And to Goldilocks, who as a wanted criminal - burglary, theft, assault - roams through fairy tale land.

Land of Stories - The search for the magic of your dreams is exactly the right book for fans of fairy tales who can also use a dose of humor. You can put yourself in the shoes of the curious Alex and the quick-witted Conner and cheer for them both to make it back home.

For clever kids, however, it quickly becomes clear how the story will end and what is hidden behind the enchanted frog, the diary and the fairy godmother. This ending is a little too predictable for my taste. Fortunately, the numerous surprises in the side stories make up for that.

Absolutely worth reading. I'm more than excited about the filming.

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Land of Stories - The search for the magic of your dreams

♥ Author:Chris Colfer
Illustrations: Brandon Dorman
♥ Translation: Fabienne Pfeiffer
♥ Pages:
♥ Publisher: FISCHER Sauerland
♥ Age recommendation:from 10 years on
♥ Price: 18 euros