How do road racers urinate?

When racing drivers pee their pants ...

( - Anyone who regularly watches the Formula 1 preliminary reports knows that Michael Schumacher leaves the grid for a moment before every Grand Prix and says goodbye to the paddock. Most Germans go to the toilet again during this time, as there is no opportunity to urinate during the race.

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Coulthard has already let it run in the Formula 1 cockpit ...

Sometimes, of course, even the stars of the premier class cannot control their urge to urinate in such a way that they can go to the toilet before and after the race, and especially at Grands Prix like the one in Malaysia, where there is a lot of drinking due to the heat, the cockpit becomes the result often converted into a toilet. This doesn't really fit the glamorous world of Formula 1 at all, but what has to be, has to be. # W1 #

David Coulthard spoke openly to the 'Sun' about this topic: "In a racing car, physical forces act on the body. Some drivers piss their pants, some don't. I also had to run it in a race once," he said . His compatriot Johnny Herbert was considered to be someone who could hardly control himself - almost like a ritual, the three-time Grand Prix winner got wet at almost every start.

Regardless of this, Coulthard made another admission: "I don't like to drive the car. You are controlled on traffic roads," he admitted. The reason for this is that as a racing driver you cannot feel comfortable with speed limits, according to the Scot. "On the racetrack," he continued, "I can go as fast as I want. I don't particularly like driving." And what does "DC" drive privately? "A Smart," he announced.