Is the Trebuchet the superior siege weapon

GW2: This is the maximum number of targets that siege weapons can hit in WvW

Players' Area of ​​Effect (AoE) abilities can currently only hit up to 5 targets at the same time in Guild Wars 2. As the German community manager Ramon Domke made clear in the official forum, this does not apply to siege weapons in World vs World, which have their own restrictions.

According to Domke, the fact that player skills can currently only hit a maximum of 5 targets, regardless of how many players are in the effect area, caused some confusion as far as the siege weapons in WvW are concerned. "These are not subject to this restriction - they have their own", the CM clarified in his article.

He also published a list that provides information on how many targets the siege weapon in question can hit at the same time:

To help clear up this confusion, we've put together a list. This shows how many targets can be hit by the respective siege weapon at the same time:

  • Ballista: 10
  • Siege Golem: 10
  • Arrow car: 50
  • Cannon: 50
  • Catapult: 50
  • Flameborn: 50
  • Mortar: 50
  • Burning oil: 50
  • Trébuchet: 50

Please also note that superior siege weapons are currently subject to the same restrictions as the normal ones.

In a livestream last week, the developers also stated that the AoE capabilities in the game are currently too strong and therefore changes should be made. This announcement causes some discussion in the community. Game designer Matt Witter recently spoke up, emphasizing, among other things, that all AoE skills will not be weakened across the board.

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