Is honor affected by the Huawei ban

Huawei has sold Honor: now it's official

The contrasts between the Chinese giant and the government United States They don't seem to smooth out as various manufacturers are forced to ask for permission to trade in Huawei The forecasts for the next few months are not exactly rosy. There are even rumors of the possibility that that Microsoft acquires Nokiadue to the increasing interest in 5G infrastructures. But what could be the best solution for the Chinese home? According to a well-known analyst Huawei should Sell ​​honor: This is the reason for this hypothesis.

Update from 17/11: The Chinese giant sold Honor and the news is now official. At the end of the article you will find all the details about this novelty.

Huawei and Honor: This could be the future of the two brands

The analyst of TF International SecuritiesMing-Chi Kuo He became famous for his predictions, well timed or definitely realistic. According to the latter, there is a good chance that Huawei choose to sell to honorto make its sub-brand independent (which, as we recall, remains part of the Chinese giant to this day). What would be the benefits of this decision?

By acting and doing honor this way, the brand is completely independent It will not be affected by the US government ban and will be able to buy the necessary components (also from US companies) and to establish itself even more firmly on the world market with the sale of its smartphones.

In addition, according to the analyst, this separation could help the Chinese giant contribute to its technological development towards independence. We remember it to honoris one of the most popular brands and sold at home and is certainly an important part of Huawei's business. However, an even stronger establishment in the international market will certainly help raise the bar for Huawei, not to mention the greater freedom and ability to compete even more directly with the various competitors in the industry.

Huawei denies it, but it would negotiate with the Digital China Group

According to claims by industry analysts, sources close to Huawei are going strong denied the news of the possible sale of honor. The message was reported byRead but it has been canceled so there is still confusion in the air.

The latest rumors suggest that Huawei is actually negotiating for that Sale of part of the Honor brand. Indeed, the negotiations seem to concern one of the Chinese giants in this area, that is Digital China Group, Distributor of Honor devices. The inclusion of other known realities in our area, such as Xiaomi e TCL.

This alleged deal would take Honor to another dimension and survive the US band against Huawei. They would then be running around in the latter company's coffers 25 billion yuan, around 3 billion euros, a considerable number. At the moment, none of the parties involved have made any statements on this matter. So all that remains is to wait until more news is announced. What will the future of honor be?

Huawei could sell Honor for around 12 billion euros

Apparently, the negotiations on the acquisition of the honor don't seem to have stopped, at least after the rumors. Although Huawei has denied in the past The Chinese media almost take over their sales. It is not about the names mentioned above, but rather a joint venture made up of various Asian telephone traders. These include Ashide, China Post, Putian and Tianyin, as well as the investment company Shenzhen SASAC.

Huawei plans to sell Honor in a 100 billion yuan deal 12 billion. Buyers could also include Digital China Group and the Shenzhen government. In addition, these negotiations seem despite the conclusion of the Elections in the United Stateswhat Trump got out of the way. In fact, Huawei sees no upcoming changes in the US politics in the coming months it would therefore be forced to get rid of the honor as soon as possible. So back to the sources Digital China Group will be one of the two largest honorary shareholders Share of almost 15% in honor of Huawei that was previously XNUMX% owned. The transaction will allow Digital China to fund the majority of its business through bank loans, which will be complemented by at least three government-sponsored investment firms from the Shenzhen financial technology hub.

Honor will keep all 7,000 employees

Negotiations for the Honor sale, so we should expect one too contortion from the perspective of Companies. By being independent, this brand will actually bring together some of the best Manager from Huawei, with a rather twisted round armchair. However, for all that, it seems like the company has absolutely no intention of firing the staff that is made up of around 7,000 employees. Some of them are therefore preferring to move from Huawei's Shenzhen headquarters to a new structure in order to continue working for Honor.

Honor: George Zhao to become CEO, TCL confirmed in sales plan

After receiving new order confirmations and separating from Huawei, to honor begin to define poco a poco like that Sales plan and above all the first confirmations in the internal organizational chart.

Indeed, in 30 brands that will form the consortium that will buy the brand and then prepare that fornitura the presence of the mark is confirmed TCLBut as far as the authorities are concerned, we have to wait for tomorrow November 17 2020where everything will certainly become clearer.

As far as the organizational chart is concerned, more and more persistent indiscretions are added to the fact that the new president di to honor become Wan Biao, current COOConsumer business di Huawei, while George Zhao would pass president a CEOThis creates an important synergy.

Rumors of the sale of honor continue to linger, even though the President of the United States has now changed. Beyond this aspect, it is indeed plausible that Huawei is now going its own way and on some points never going back. So all that remains is to wait for more information.

Huawei officially sold Honor: this is what will happen | Update 17/11

After the avalanche of reports and rumors of the last few days, it is finally official: Huawei he sold to honor and the buyer would be a consortium of over 30 people between resellers and agents. This comes under the name of a new company called Shenzen Zhixin New Information Technology and it appears that Huawei will no longer hold a stake in the brand at the end of the sales process.

The terms of the agreement precede this Sale of the entire Honor packageincluding research and development, the supply chain and all other resources including i 7,000 employees these are part of the brand. A statement was made to the Chinese newspaper regarding the intentions of the buyer group Shenzhen Special Zone Dailyreported that the sale It's an investment to save the Honor industrial chain. A few words to the wise, but one thing seems certain: There will be no impact on production and everything will go on as always.

However, beyond any statement, one wonders: what is the purpose of this sale for Huawei? Remember that the Chinese giant is the Tenant list of the US Department of Commerce and has had many problems blocking activities against US companies. It is likely that this step will be sought Make Huawei independent until the end of US companies: this requires capital and the sale of honor (a very thriving reality) could have been the answer.

In summary it can be said that nothing was revealed in relation to the number in question, but in the past few days there has been talk of a sum of about 12 billion.

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