Why do Siamese cat eyes turn red

When cats cry: 13 reasons and causes of tears in a cat's eyes

  • Sometimes tears roll from the eyes of our velvet paws. They too have tine glands in the corner of their eyes, just like us humans
  • Is the house tiger sad or in pain?
  • Or is there another cause behind the tears?
  • Usually the cause of tears is an illness and a reason for a visit to the veterinary practice.

People cry when they feel bad or are sad. Cats are quite capable of experiencing these feelings as well. But the house tigers express themselves differently. They withdraw, moan pitifully or scream. Active crying is NOT a behavior pattern that our house tigers use to show their emotions.

1. What the cat's eye needs tear fluid for:

  • The cornea of ​​the eye is covered with a moist film and cannot dry out as a result
  • The tear fluid fulfills an important protective function.
  • Small foreign bodies are washed out of the eye by the tear fluid.

2. When cats cry: 13 reasons to visit the veterinarian's office

3. What else to do if the cat is crying:

The cause of crying is always a disease or irritation of the eye!

  • Dry the tear fluid with a damp cloth.
  • Have your cat examined by a vet to clarify the cause.
  • If there is an anatomical deformity, such as a missing tear duct, the eyes must be regularly cared for.
  • If the tear ducts below the eyes are not removed, the fur turns brown
  • Eye drops or eye ointments should only be used after consultation with the veterinarian

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