Has Osho Hitler approved

Stefan Niggemeier

“Empty phrase” sounds like empty phrase!

again more clearly:
the stammer “we are only a religious group… the others were also bad or even worse… we just want to have / live out our personal beliefs… etc. etc ... “are empty phrases.
If translated correctly, they could, from a strategic point of view, also be identified as empty phrases.

only such arguments are completely unrealistic (they don't just want to live their tolerant life like that, they want to exert massive influence, it could happen that xenu comes back, then you have to be "ready", so have power and influence, and weapons and troops and all that kind of thing), so what you say of yourself "live tolerantly until it comes to your ears" is, well, emergency argumentation, the last way out of a shit situation (the video that says more than everyone else enlightenment) and, secondly, justifications such as “we are at most just bad, like all the others next to us” are bad thinking constructs that are always used when manipulation is at stake.
Ergo: Thirdly, such argumentation strategies are embarrassing because they are too easy to understand and their consistency is pubescent. unfortunately not more.

luckily, thanks to the enlightenment, societies are much further in their thinking than any religion will be. Of course, this does not apply to everyone, especially not to those who finance such quasi-religious organizations for their very existence. Unfortunately, before the complex and complicated Enlightenment, they stopped mentally.