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With Taboola, Blinkist was able to gain 60,000 new users in just 6 months

Taboola helps Blinkist develop a successful content strategy

  • 60,000+ registrations within six months

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Blinkist is an app that summarizes over 2000 non-fiction books in a few sentences and provides this essence for a fee. The summaries are packaged so that they can be read or listened to within 15 minutes


Expand acquisition efforts beyond social media and establish Blinkist Magazine as a trailblazer in the field of personal development.


Taboola gave Blinkist access to an even wider audience of book lovers. The campaigns were efficient and profitable.


Thanks to Taboola, Blinkist was able to register over 60,000 new registrations with the desired CPA target.


Blinkist is an app that provides access to the most important findings from over 2,000 non-fiction books. These are packaged in such a way that any user can read or listen to them in just 15 minutes.

Blinkist enables users to develop professionally and expand their knowledge using ideas and suggestions from the world's best non-fiction books. Subject areas range from productivity and business to nutrition and science. The topic of life support is also very popular. Readers can learn even more about themselves with the best personal development guides.

Taboola helps Blinkist develop a successful content strategy

Blinkist users are motivated, eager to learn and inquisitive and want to develop further. Before working with Taboola, however, Blinkist faced the problem of explaining their product in a comprehensible manner.

In addition to the app, there is also the Blinkist online magazine, which serves to establish Blinkist as a trailblazer in the area of ​​personal development.

With the help of Taboola's creative strategy team and the systematic distribution of articles, Blinkist was able to increase traffic and improve overall performance.

Before Taboola came into play, the marketing mix of German non-fiction professionals consisted only of social media and affiliate marketing. With the addition of Taboola's content discovery marketing, Blinkist was able to fully open up the world of the modern learner. Taboola helped implement the planned strategy.

Blinkist values ​​the expansiveness of the Taboola network and is convinced that Taboola's product developments drive the industry forward. In addition, they were happy to have control over the publisher selection. Publishers could be chosen who were profitable for Blinkist's objectives.

Blinkist used Taboola's tracking feature

The ability to track app downloads with the help of Taboola's S2S tracking and to assign them directly to the associated Taboola campaign was another reason for Blinkist to choose Taboola. Every conversion is visible on the dashboard, which makes optimization extremely easy.

Through Taboola, Blinkist was able to register over 60,000 new registrations with the desired CPA.

“The Taboola network is very extensive and we have only tapped a small part of it so far. We hope to be able to penetrate every market relevant to us with the help of Taboola's publishers. I am still amazed at the extreme reach of the Taboola network. If I am targeting a country on the other side of the world, I can almost be sure that Taboola is already working with a major publisher there, ”says Wu.

Taboola's tracking abilities paired with the enormous range convinced Blinkist. The Berlin team would like to continue expanding with Taboola in the future.

Through social media marketing, we were able to access the niche target group that was relevant to us - but to a very limited extent. In all fairness, we didn't grow as fast as we would have liked. Then we discovered content marketing. If I can say one thing about Taboola, it is this: Definitely give it a try! Not only does Taboola help you improve your USP, it is also a great addition to your marketing mix. Content Discovery is the future!

- Sandra Wu, Digital Marketing Manager at Blinkist