How much is my website worth

Determine the domain value - this is how it works

If you yourself have the desire to sell a domain, the value determination in advance is a matter of course. But what is the best way to behave when a third party approaches suddenly asking whether interest there is a domain sale?

In any case, the following principle applies first of all: Don't rush anything! If a company or individual is genuinely interested in your domain, you will usually get enough time to be able to think about a sale and to calmly determine the domain value. Before considering the selling price, however, you should deal with the buyer himself. Make sure it is a serious offer acts before taking any further steps. If your research leads to a positive result and you are not averse to a sale, you basically have two options to choose from:

  1. You ask the prospect, one Submit offer.
  2. you call the interested party the desired Selling price.

Both options have their advantages and disadvantages: If you choose the first variant, you do not necessarily have to find out the domain value beforehand, for example, but can only start the research after you have asked the potential buyer for an offer. In this way, however, you forego the advantage yourself to go on the offensiveto possibly get a higher selling price. If you have listed your domain for sale, you should make your own offer in any case.