Are you lost

Translation of "are you lost" in English

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Now are you lost and nothing can be changed anymore.
If you don't take this seriously are you lost.
As soon as you pass are you lost.
If something happens to you are you lostand no one will be able to save you.
If something happens to you, you're lost, and nobody will be able to save you.
Do you turn on your cell phone or your computer are you lost.
As long as you have a Salvatore on each arm are you lost.
The moment the young girl looks at you with her sad, small, wistful eyes are you lostit happened to you.
The moment that young girl looks at you with her sad little weepy eyes, you're lost, you're finished.
If the debates around you distract or bother you, are you lost.
If the debates around you distract you or cause you to be annoyed, you are lost.
Now are you lost; just a shadow.
Without her are you lost and without you they don't know where to go either.
Without them you are lost, and without you they have no expression.
Do you lose me like this are you lost,
When you can't be joked with anymore are you lost.
But when a bell rings are you lost.
Try to take a purse out of that pocket, but if one single bell jingles you've failed.
Somewhere out there are you lost went
Let him get to know his father, otherwise are you lost.
You must let him get to know his father.
If you hesitate are you lost.
If you are also a Kurd are you lost.
If I don't feel sorry for you and save you, so are you lost. The old woman then led it behind a large barrel where it could not be seen.
Unless I have pity on you, and save you, all is over with you! Then the old woman hid her behind a great cask, where she could not be seen.
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