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Google for Jobs
Thats how it works!

What added value does Google for Jobs have for applicants and companies?

More than three quarters of job searches on the internet start with Google. From now on, the Google algorithm ensures that the most relevant and most suitable job advertisements for the person searching are displayed right at the top. So in order to find relevant job offers as a searcher, you no longer have to click through dozens of job exchanges. Instead, a Google search is enough.

Google can also access the searcher's search history, evaluate which jobs are best suited to the searcher based on search behavior and accordingly display vacancies in the first place. Google may therefore know which jobs really suit you better than you do yourself and suggest the positions that are more likely to lead to a successful application. Companies that do not fit your own mindset or are too far away from your own place of residence, for example, are then not even displayed. This saves applicants (and, conversely, companies too) a lot of time when looking for a job.

The better the Google results are matched to the searcher, the better the »job search experience of the applicants« and the less the role that job exchanges play in finding vacancies. There are various evaluations of how the click-through rate on the search results page has changed after Google changed the display of results for certain queries (cinema program, recipes, ...). However, it is not to be expected that job exchanges will become superfluous in the short term, because they are currently the most important source of job advertisementsGoogle for Jobs. So there is a certain dependency between job boards andGoogle for Jobswhich will remain for the time being. Many job boards have also already signed a contract with Google, some job boards likeStepStone, Jobware orIndeed but are not included yet.

Despite everything, you as a company should make sure that your job advertisements are forGoogle for Jobs are optimized. At best, this gives companies a head start in the war for talents when other companies with similar vacancies are not forGoogle for Jobs optimize.