Amazon Prime membership just keeps getting worse

In the period from December 5, 2018 to January 5, 2019, I treated myself to club membership. After all, you are given preferential treatment for € 7.99 / month, you can order a larger number of articles on Amazon and you also get a large arsenal of films and series free of charge. That was the basic idea of ​​the experiment. However, in practice there was some deviation from this expectation.

Unfortunately no time saved when shipping from Germany in December

The premium membership should be a welcome helper for Christmas to get my gifts on time. After all, with “Prime FREE premium shippingFast Free Shipping ”- a Killer Feature in eCommerce!

My order was a prime shipment that took about 7 days (5 working days). Standard shipping would have taken just as long. So the plan didn't work out.

Watching series is fun

... if only it weren't for the advertising. I find the range of included series very attractive. At first glance I see “The Purge”, “Vikings”, “Futurama” and “Two an a half men”. The selection makes me want more. What is noticeable when using it for a long time, however, are the commercials for other films and series. One or the other trailer appears at irregular intervals.

Movies don't watch

In the search for a Christmas film like “Polar Express” or “Bridget Jones’ Baby ”, however, I came across the limits of what was on offer. It lacks the “Prime” badge and therefore the privilege of being able to watch this film. At first it wasn't clear to me why the films wouldn't start. In the end, it turns out that a rental fee is due. Does that make sense?

Cancellation of membership: simple but complicated - Dark Patterns

After I found the link to cancel fairly easily, the process was quite confusing. In 4 steps it was explained which advantages I will forego and what the membership includes.

These are legitimate methods to motivate me as a customer to think about it again. However, I have to go through all 4 steps and I'm always slowed down. Because the buttons to navigate in the process are named after “Forego advantages now” and “Forego advantages from 5.1.2018”. The names of the buttons have been swept to such an extent that it sounds and feels more than unnatural. In addition, the UX is moving in the direction of dark patterns, but deviates from familiar patterns. Amazon is also trying its hand at upselling. One could save money with an annual payment.

Overall, the termination worked very well. There was an instant confirmation of termination.

Not that bad

Overall, it sounds more drastic than it actually is. The great advantages of Prime are the multitude of products and the huge media library. If you get along well with Amazon's marketing strategies, you can enjoy a comprehensive media library package, which also gives you the advantages of a mail order business.