How good is Visual Studio 2019

Visual Studio Code vs. Visual Studio

The C # support in VS Code is optimized for cross-platform development with .NET Core. For more extensive projects with WinForms or WPF as UI technology, a full-fledged IDE is recommended, i.e. Visual Studio - with which Visual Studio Code has almost nothing in common except the name.

One of the most powerful features of VS Code is the built-in debugging support for the Node.js runtime environment. Developers can debug JavaScript, TypeScript, and any other language based on JavaScript in VS Code without the need for an additional tool.

To debug other languages ​​and runtime environments such as PHP, Ruby, Go, C #, Python, C ++ or PowerShell, the appropriate debugger extension must be installed. You will find what you are looking for in the VS Code Marketplace or via the menu item "Menu / Install additional debugger ...", which displays a list of the debugger extensions.

Debugging via Chrome

The Chrome Debugger extension allows front-end developers to debug their JavaScript code using Google Chrome. VS Code uses the Chrome DevTools Protocol, via which the files loaded in the browser are assigned to the files opened in the editor. The developer can set breakpoints directly in VS Code, observe variables or see the entire call stack when debugging - all without having to leave the editor. A very useful extension that you should definitely look at as a front-end developer.

The command palette from VS Code knows different modes: In command mode, indicated by ">" in the input line, commands are executed as usual. In navigation mode (which can be opened with Ctrl + P) you can open files by typing in their name. All files in the currently open folder are searched. If you put "@" in front of the search string, symbols such as methods and variables are searched for in the current file. VS Code's command palette can do even more; "?" shows a list of all modes.


Microsoft Visual Studio Code offers extensive functions for editing files. When switching, the initial setup is likely to be the most difficult step: With the multitude of options and extensions, it is not that easy to set everything up to suit your own development workflow. But once you've done that, Visual Studio Code is a powerful tool for editing files.

Microsoft Visual Studio Code
platform independent
Open source
License MIT license
integrated debugger
Git connection
Syntax highlighting
Code completion
Command palette
Extension manager
File explorer
Split editing
Multiple selection
Code navigation
Search across files
price free

This test is an excerpt from the code editor comparison test "Noble feathers - Atom, Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code, Vim in comparison" from iX 4/2018.(mre)